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Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life from Books. Lists. Life.

Today I'm linking up with Trish for her a Day in the Life blogger event.  Make sure you click over to see how other people spend their days. I kept track of yesterday, March 26th. It was a fairly typical day.

5:45 My normal alarm goes off and Mike realizes his didn't. Typically I get up first, but today he needs to be on the road at 6. I go start coffee.

6:10 Mike heads out and I take a few minutes of quiet time, most days this is all I get.

6:30 I'm thinking I should start getting ready or I'm going to sabotage myself when it's time to leave. I skip washing my hair and use dry shampoo and my curling iron instead. I spent a full minute hating my winter clothes before getting dressed in an outfit I might regret later.

6:55 Start waking the kids. Lauren is in my bed and the boys are in hers. I have no explanation.

7:16 Everyone is up and dressed. Lauren is ready to go! Hallelujah! But the boys have wandered off to their Kindles.

7:17 False alarm. She does not like her outfit. That she chose. This is her new outfit. The first one was ALSO an Elsa shirt with a tutu like skirt over leggings.

7:41 Everyone in the car, yay! I swing past my favorite photo spot for a quick sunrise picture. Drop the boys at school and Lauren at daycare and pull into my office at 7:52.

7:52 First one at the office (as usual). I make coffee and then sit down for ten minutes of my morning online routine- Check Amazon daily deals, look at new listings on NetGalley, fire up Pandora, skim Woot.

8:30  Realize that my quick ten minutes of checking social media got out of hand and settle down to work. My bosses are back in the office full time today after a couple months of being at the Capitol for Legislative session and then well earned personal vacations. This means my to do lists will be massive soon and I'll start to feel crazy overwhelmed with work until I get it under control. I LOVE my new job, but it's got a lot of moving parts.

8:45 Ok scratch that, brief detour to Zulilly. THEN to work. Today I'm issuing licenses (Not driver licenses, that was my last job) and then sending out some letters.

9:00 It's snowing. WTF? I'm regretting my outfit.

10:00 Licenses are issued. Taking a brief Instagram/Twitter break. Normally I make the mail run now, but with the snow I'll combine it with my lunch break and hope the snow is done. It's not looking good.

10:35 Stopped in coworkers office to take a test run of the survey she's creating. Looked sadly out her window at my snow covered car.

11:15 You know, I can't even describe what I do all day. I'd an administrative assistant for an Association Management Company. So I send email and update databases and issue licenses and take phone calls and pay bills for a half dozen different entities. We also do lobbying and event planning and publish newsletters.

11:40 It's never going to stop snowing so I head out to check the mail (one of my jobs is to check all the post office boxes daily- we have 9 boxes- some clients share.) I ordered a taco salad for take out because I know the sugar free pickings at home are slim. Grab the mail, eat my lunch, read the internet. There's three inches of snow on my front porch.

1:00  Back to work. It's still snowing. I make a new cup of coffee, sort the mail, and then head into my boss's office to learn more new and exciting things (MMA, this time.)

3:45 Wrapping up that and having a quick snack before moving onto something else. (Pistachios, cherry tomatoes and unsweet tea. See: no sugar.)

4:55 Sneaking out five minutes early to hit Walmart before I start picking up children. It is never good to take the kids to Walmart and we need milk.

5:30 Since Mike is on the road I pick up all three kids and come home to make a quick dinner. They have individual frozen pizza, I have a hamburger patty with tomatoes and almonds (don't judge, I'm lazy.)  I waste some time on the iPad while the kids get increasingly needy and really really wish beer were on the sugar reset. The snow on my porch has completely melted.

7:00 A coworker gave me a couple bags of clothes and Lauren and I spent some time looking through them One of them was a longish, animal print skirt that Lauren declared to be "like Katy Perry" so we did a quick alteration on it so she could be like her idol.

8:00 Mike gets home with a literal ton of concrete patio pavers in the car, so we head out to unload. This is only half of what we need for the patio and the nearest store that carries them is a 5+ hour round trip. Yay for small town, middle of nowhere, South Dakota!

8:30 We railroad the kids through the tub and Mike runs to Walgreens. He comes home without anything for Lauren who throws a massive fit. I sneak out to put the boys to bed and let him deal with it. We are in bed at 9:00 and Noah is sound asleep by 9:04. Sirius Black assists in bedtime. He is a dainty, delicate little thing.

9:15 Both boys are asleep and I start thinking maybe I should climb out of Noah's bed. I relocate to my room where Lauren has been placated with an episode of "Young Justice", her favorite show. We hang out, I read a little more internet and text Trish a few times.

9:45 Lights out. Yes, it's early, but that gives me 8 hours of sleep. (HA. Like I ever get to sleep through, thanks kids.)


  1. What a busy day! I'm not sure I could survive all that snow.

  2. I laughed about your daughter's wardrobe woes. My son lost it the other morning over a bowl of cereal he had specifically asked for. Who can explain the ways of children?!?

    I hope spring comes your way soon!!

  3. I love how you turned that skirt into a Katy Perry dress! And a little shocking to see the beautiful sunrise picture ... then a few hours later all that snow! Yikes!

  4. This is great! I have young kids so I can relate to so much of their goings on. Especially the outfit changes. Turning that skirt into a dress was genius. :)

  5. This was great! Loved it. I had a little diva sweetie as well. The mornings, oh the mornings, and the clothes changes. You did well with the skirt. And I love Sirius Black - the kitty I presume. Yes, quite the princess there. LOL

  6. Yes, the no beer or wine had to be hard on the no-sugar diet.

  7. Lisa, now I remember why women have kids when their younger. You just tired me out! LOL

  8. Thank you for sharing, Lisa! You're doing an amazing job--it's hard to breath some days, isn't it? Look at that snow! I can't even imagine. It's supposed to be 100 today. In March. It's just wrong.

  9. I laughed at that last pic. Your daughter is adorable in that Katy Perry outfit. LOL.

  10. Your expression in the picture is hilarious. Both last night and today. And love that leopard dress--she looks so much like Pirate in that picture!!

    The snow. Ugh. And I also waste so much time hating the clothes in my closet--most of them entirely too old and too small and too worn out.

    Thanks for being a joiner today. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. What a busy day. I love your daughter's fashion sense!

  12. I spend a lot of time hating my winter clothes too. I can't wait until winter's over so I can quit wearing them! Love "dainty" Sirius Black clobbering bedtime. LOL!

  13. They're calling for snow here today, too, but hoping for not that much! I'm starting to wonder how anyone fits in reading and blogging time reading all these posts!

  14. I think we got that snow today that you had the other day. I know you probably feel the same way: I'm ready for the snow to be done and spring to actually arrive. Hopefully by May.

  15. That's a busy day! Love the "Kate Perry" outfit.

    Joy's Book Blog

  16. What is it with little girls and outfits? :-) Lauren is gorgeous!

  17. The sunrise was beautiful and so much snow!!!

  18. I love that you stopped to take a picture of the sunrise!

  19. I put away a bunch of my winter clothes last weekend, then it got cold during the week and I regretted it! Once there's a taste of spring, it's hard to go back to sweaters :)

  20. It is never good to take my kids or my husband to Walmart, hehe.


  21. I usually get sick of all my winter clothes at the end of February. Since spring break is the first two weeks of March, this usually isn't a problem, but there are days when I get caught in something better for a wished-for day than the cold day that came along.

  22. I usually get sick of all my winter clothes at the end of February. Since spring break is the first two weeks of March, this usually isn't a problem, but there are days when I get caught in something better for a wished-for day than the cold day that came along.

  23. Boy do I identify with being sick of your winter clothes before winter is actually over!

  24. Leave it to Mom/Wife to ensure everyone gets out the door on time! Seriously though, all that snow and you had to be out in it. This is why I live where it does not snow.

  25. Busy day!! Productive too. And wow, you had an early start. Getting ready in the morning is so awful, you're there half asleep still, trying to make something out of your hair. I have this problem everyday!


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