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Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016: New Year, New Goals

I have so many goals this year that it's a bit ridiculous.  I'm intentionally setting goals as opposed to resolutions, because in my experience a resolution is pretty vague ("lose weight" or "exercise more") and I have found that I really need a hard goal, or a rule to make me succeed. For example, "You can have two sodas a week" works, while "drink less soda" always fails. Some people don't like to be told what to do like this, but I find that even if it's ME telling ME what to do, that it works.

So. My list. Most of these are running related, duh.


  • A Spring Half Marathon, A Summer Half Marathon, and a Fall Full Marathon. (eek!)
  • A consistent 10:15 pace.
  • ONE mile at 8:30.
  • Two runs a month with Mike. (Possibly the hardest thing on this list, because: kids.)
  • Continue my #runstreak through January, and potentially much longer. 
  • One run in the Badlands.
  • Strength training twice a week.


  • Read 60 books. In 2015 I read 55.  I'd like to focus more and Facebook less.
  • Participate in the #26BooksWithBringingUpBurns Instagram Reading Challenge. I know, I don't do book challenges, but this one is on Instagram! I'm going to try.
  • Read at least 4 books about running.
  • Continue to not give a crap about if I'm reading enough books by men or books in translation or books that "smart" people read. I love what I read and will... actually, this is another goal..
  • Continue to ride my soapbox about romance novels. Seriously, there are smart, beautifully written romance novels, and crappy, horrid, cliche ones- just like in any other genre.


  • Re-texture and paint the hall bathroom.
  • Paint all the bedrooms and the dining room.
  • Buy: A breadbox, new kitchen towels, a tiny spoon rest, wall art for the kitchen, a futon for the playroom, a roku for the basement, bedding for the boys.

And, Finally.

What are your goals for 2016?  Are they mostly health related? Book related? 


  1. Not giving a crap about if I'm reading enough books by men etc is a great goal! It's definitely something I try to do. I just want to read books that interest me and not worry about the rest of it. I'm a concrete goal person too. I need data not just vague feelings!

  2. I gave up on goals years ago because I never keep them. I guess my goal is to live a happy life. Happy New Year!

  3. Who wants to read more books by men? For a long time it was, 'we need to read more books by women'. LOL

    I'm on your side about the romance novels. Exactly. I don't read as many as I used to, but if I decide to pick one up now or whenever, that is OK. There are excellent books in every genre. And I'm just so tired of the genre snobbery (which is what that is). OK, off the soapbox.

    Good goals. You go, girl. Hey, I got new kitchen towels for Christmas! No books, but towels and a candy dish and a big mug. LOL

  4. I'm coming off a winter break of eating absolute crap, so right now I'm feeling like my goals should all be health related. I like how you divided up your goals. I'm going to have to sit down and make a list. I will get more accomplished if I have a list to work with.

  5. I am going to have to check out that reading challenge on Instagram!

  6. great list!
    check out my blog list here :)

  7. Running? Hmmm. Who knew you were a runner? ;)

    If you're going to read a book about running, might I suggest an author to try: George Sheehan? Well, I just did anyway. I've found several of his books to be inspiring when it came to running.

  8. I admire your running goals. Damn, I'm too old to start that now! But I walk and walk and walk so that's cool.

    Post your progress on that quilt :-)


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