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Friday, April 08, 2016

Five Random things this week

1. My oldest child, the Pirate, turned 11 yesterday.  Noah will be 8 on Sunday. How are either of these things possible? We got him a skateboard, and they all took turns on it. I spent the entire time imagining broken arms.

2. Our washing machine has stopped draining completely, and on Sunday (ie. Laundry Day) it stopped altogether. We are the sort of people who like to break things worse fix it ourselves, so we took it apart. Last night we discovered a sock in the water pump. Thinking this was likely our problem, we reassembled and ran a small load. Turns out, it was not our problem. It is back to working poorly now tho, instead of not working at all.

3.Mini review! I've had Charles Duhigg's first book, The Power of Habit, on my TBR forever because it's gotten such good reviews, so when I say Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business on NetGalley I was quick to snatch it up.  This one starts out strong and interesting, but after the first two chapters it kind of peters out and seems to lose focus. I was really hoping for some insights to productivity at work, but they weren't here.  I can't recommend it.

4. We have a birthday party tomorrow at our house. I have done zero cleaning and my planning extends to ordering a cake. Can I just throw them on the trampoline and offer them some koolaid? Cause that's the current plan.

5. Mike and I are running a half marathon on April 23rd. I did not run ONCE this week. It could be ugly.  I really need summer to get here so days are longer and we aren't trying to keep a decent schedule for the sake of school!


  1. I "met" you when those boys were only 6 and 3 - how can they be getting so grown up so fast?! Good luck with that skateboard - between the skateboard and the trampoline, I was sure one of my kids was going to break a bone. (turned out to be the bike that did that!)

  2. Happy Birthday to the birthday boys!

  3. I remember when your kids were littles. Like, really little. Happy Birthday to them!!!

    Sorry for the washer mishap. We try to fix stuff ourselves too but it only works about half the time.


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