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Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Thoughts on Books

1. I really love NetGalley. It lets me keep up with my favorite authors in more ways than just receiving ARCS. I am awful at tracking release dates and with NetGalley they mostly just show up. (Except for Avon books, sob.)

2. That said, some days I'd really like to abandon my list and binge on a dozen or so rereads.  What would I reread? The entire Bridgerton series. Robert's Bride Quartet. In the Midnight Rain. (duh, always that one.) Some Julie Garwood, but not The Secret, because that's the one I always reread. And, heaven help me, Harry Potter.

3. I'd also like to finish up some series of books that I've enjoyed but never come back to. Namely, the Darynda Jones Charley Davidson series, and the rest of Julie James FBI/ US Attorney series.

4. I'd love to try out Caroline Linden's Scandal series and Sarah MacLean's Scoundrels.

5. And last, we've recently discovered that the high school senior at my office, the one who is already accepted to law school after her bachelors, the one one with the terrific ACT score and GPA, only "Sparks Noted" To Kill A Mockingbird. After an office wide discussion of this tragedy, I now need to reread it. It only remains to be seen if I can bear to read it in paper or if I need to buy it on Kindle. I still have my copy from high school...


  1. Love those Bridgertons! I could never get into Julie James or Darynda Jones. (But you know me, rarely into contemporaries or paranormal.) I've really enjoyed Linden's Scandal books and MacLean's Scoundrel books.

  2. I still have never read To Kill a Mockingbird. lol It was not a required reading when I was in school and my copy that I bought later in life to finally read got ruined when we moved... I keep forgetting to replace it. Must soon!

  3. Sparks noted TKAM??? But that is to miss all of the beauty of the writing! No wonder she's going to be a lawyer - she has no soul, apparently!


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