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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ahoy, Matey!

With the (too) fast approaching arrival of his little brother, it was time to move my Monkey out of his crib and into a Big Boy bed. The monkey is closer to his 3rd birthday than to his 2nd, but until this week he's never questioned being in a crib. The last few weeks have focused heavily on potty training and being a Big Boy. One night he asked if he could have a Big Boy bed and give the crib to his brother, and we decided to get on with it.

We scoured the internets looking for a fun bed idea. We had previously talked of a fire truck bed or a firehouse loft, but his obsession with all things pirate gets stronger ever day and when we saw the first boat bed we knew we had a winner. My husband spend hours in the shop this week and the end result is a bed that rocks. The Monkey is in heaven. It's a very good thing it's build to be solid, as it often has to hold the weight of the Pirate Mommy and Pirate Daddy as well. The paint suffered a little on the snowy ride home in the back of a truck, and will be touched up when weather allows. The mast was added after these pictures were taken and the sail will (hopefully) go up tomorrow. I made him a blanket that looks like a pirate map and tomorrow he will get a matching pillowcase.

The Monkey has already taken his first nap in his Big Boy bed. I am afraid bedtime will be delayed by repeated attempts to get the Pirate parents to play. It's a big day and I'm a little sad to see my little baby ("I not a baby. I a Big Boy!") grow up. I try to tell him he will always be my baby and he argues with me that he won't- he'll be my pirate.


  1. You need potty training rewards. The audio which says, "What a Big Boy you are" followed by a chocolate treat were powerful incentives to fully potty train our son. Here is the website

  2. that is excellent craftsmanship on the bed. Way to go Mike! I love it and the creativity of the pirate parents.

    that babyhood time does fly by... but the rest of childhood is also a hoot and very entertaining . I'm so glad you are blogging all of this because you will realize exhaustion deprives you of remembering big chunks

    I am also so glad Tristan is getting a little brother
    fun and games in store for the Harsmas

  3. That's a really awesome big boy bed! It looks like your son is about a year younger than mine. We just went through the big boy bed transition in August/September. And gave up pacifiers in October! He had that same white one your little guy has. Two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half seems to be a year with so many transitions. Good luck to you!

  4. That is a fantastic bed! I may try and talk my SIL into making us one (or something similar) while she's staying here this summer. Anthony's crib is supposed to have convert-capability (twice), but I'm not sure we'll want to go crib-shopping again. We'll see..

  5. He's been really great about sleeping in it. He clearly gets the difference between playtime in the boat and bedtime in the bed. His old crib converts, but we didn't want to buy a second crib. One of them will get that as a big boy bed one day.


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