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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Announcement!

Announcing.... We'd Rather Read !

We'd Rather Read is a joint effort blog between myself and several of my friends. We're just barely getting started, but I've already had a few comments over there so I thought I better out us over here too. For myself, book reviews will be cross posted both places, but there will (eventually! SOON even!) be reviews from other people as well. Occasionally, we might read the same book and then talk about it. We might post about things that aren't books, but that are reading! It'll be a lot of fun, I can't wait.

Why the new blog, you might ask- well with everything I'm doing personally I feel like I don't post often enough over here to keep it flowing. I'm pregnant, I'm still working on my Etsy store (new Valentines bags posted today!), I'm still working. I love blogging and the community around it, and wanted a way to continue to do it AND keep up some traffic without pressure. I'll still be blogging here- my book stuff will be cross posted (the other's reviews will not be) and I'll be posting about my sewing and the shop and, of course, the Monkey and his brother when he arrives.

So stop on by at We'd Rather Read. Say hello, add us to your reader. Expect a lot more content in the following days! But don't take Books. Lists. Life off your blogroll either, I'll be both places.

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  1. It's tough to keep up with everything going on, so I completely agree. Recently I've had more down time at work, but there have been times when its taken me *weeks* to get a post up, and usually its 2 or 3 at a time they don't all get a lot of traffic. I've been trying to be better about blog-hopping, lately, though. I miss being in the loop. :)


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