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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Week Ahead and Mailbox Monday ?

Wait, isn't it Tuesday?

Doesn't matter, I only got one book in the mailbox this week- a short romance novel about two friends falling in love. That's my most favorite story line.

So, the Week Ahead- I decided to format mine a little differently. I'm not paying any attention to what day I have set up for things. Here's this week:

Monday- Oops. Since Monday is over can I post what I did and cross them all off and feel good? Finish crayon rolls. Make quick gift bag. Package 5 of the 8 packages that I have to mail. Well. That was nice.
Tuesday- Mail 5 packages (AL, SC, NC, NC and CT). Buy a lot of stamps. Singlehandedly support the USPS.
Wednesday- Post holiday meme.
Saturday- Christmas party. The Bug's first sleepover (Eeep!).

THIS WEEK- Finish handsewing on the Giant Secret Project. Attempt to make slipper shoes for the Bug. Read. Finish a book. Wrap and mail 2 of the 3 remaining packages to be mailed. Learn how to make a quilt label and do so. Buy white corduroy. Start wrapping gifts for under our tree. Attempt to make granola (anyone got a recipe they love?) Take the boys to see Santa. DO NOT GET SICK (the other adult in our household was very ill overnight.)

And how'd I do last week?
Monday- Make the Bug's stocking. Photograph jewelry bags.
Finish hand sewing on part 2 of The Giant Secret Project.
Tuesday- Photograph Christmas decor so I can blog it. Cut crayon rolls. Read two chapters. Enjoy reading the wishlist of my Bloggy Secret Santa and picking something out for her.
Wednesday- My turn in the Blogger Advent Calendar 2008! Go shopping for little goodies to put in actual advent calendar. Sew at least 3 crayon rolls. Read two chapters.
Thursday- Mumble Mumble for Mumble, who reads this blog. Start handsewing on
part 3 of The Giant Secret Project. Read two chapters.
Friday- Finish handsewing. Finish crayon rolls. Read two chapters.
Saturday- Post office to mail Secret Santa gifts. Birthday party for niece. Read.
Sunday- Finish GIANT SECRET PROJECT. Make crown. Read.
Not so bad! Clearly I need to finish that project so it's OUT OF MY WAY. That will be this week's priority.

What's your priority this week?



  1. I think you get an awful lot done considering you have 2 little ones. That alone is a full time job.

  2. yes, it does look like you accomplish a lot. I don't have any little ones running around, and yet I seem to accomplish absolutely nothing....

    This week I need to make a system of my gift-buying. I handle almost all gift-buying in my family as I buy all the presents my parents are giving various family-members. My parents live way, way out in the country-side and I live in the city, so it is easier for me to go shopping than for them. So I got this list and this amount of money and now I have to make sure I do not get their gifts mixed up with the gifts I am buying myself etc. Confused? I know I am so I need to make a system. And begin buying. Actually I already ordered some stuff online (books and movies) so I guess I did begin.

    I also need to work on my thesis, have meeting Monday at 11AM.

    And I should write some Christmas cards for those I am not going to see over the holidays.

    I also want to move stuff around my blog and get a third side-bar but I cannot figure out how. Any of you know howto?


  3. If you figure out the third column thing without having to totally redo the blog, come back and tell me how!

  4. I used Three Column Blogger to help me with my third column. It took me three attempts because of the exact detail required but here is the link:

    Also, I thought the super secret project involved the advent calendar. Now I am really curious as to what that project is.

  5. You are so great. I had good plans to get everything in the mail by Dec 1 and that just didn't happen.

  6. I went to the P.O. for round one of mailing packages today ... very short line (the boxes were ready yesterday, but I wouldn't got there on a Monday unless I was desperate!)

    Priority this week - finding pics to use in the Christmas card. I used to hand-stamp (create) them and mail on December 1 -- I'm trying for next Tuesday :)

  7. I am so glad you asked!! SOMEone has to hold me accountable!..... I really need to get the pictures off my camera and my camera phone and onto the computer. Not this one, but a different one. Then I need to upload some to the blog and to facebook.

    That is what I want to work on, anyway. Along with the MILLIONS of other things..... *sigh*

    And I too thought that the Giant Secret Project was the advent calendar......
    Laura H...

  8. The Giant Secret Project is NOT the Advent calendar. I will be able to post about it after Christmas and I CAN'T WAIT.

    Ti, thanks for that link, I'll go check it out when I have time. HAHA. Perhaps it'll be on next weeks list.

    Dawn, I think I have like 8 cards to go, a little subset list. I'm ahead of myself this year, and it feels GOOD.

  9. Bug's first sleepover? Hmmm--would that make it an adult party? :) Have a great week--I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already!!

  10. I think you accomplish a lot! Can you please teach me how to be that productive?! LOL! =)


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