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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick tracking question

Does anyone have an easy way to track why they added a particular book to their list? I'm in the middle of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Chbosky and had to google around a bit to find the reason I read it. (Hi! Nymeth, at Things Mean a Lot.)



  1. Hmm... I don't keep up with the particulars, but you could put it in an Excel sheet, I suppose. I'm the queen of Excel sheets. :)

  2. I don't know, but I've mentioned it a few times myself. Are you not enjoying it? I loved Catcher In the Rye so to me, it reminded me a lot of that book.

  3. Hi Lisa :D

    I'm actually good at remembering those things, but I know that some people keep lists of books they want to read and add a note about why they're adding a book to the list. I should start doing that myself, actually, because sometimes I do forget.

  4. I used to write it down but now I don't. If I remember I'll star the post in my reader, then when I search for it later, it's usually the starred one that caught my attention. Doesn't always work. But a lot of times, it's the culmination of a lot of reviews and not one review in particular that makes me read a book.

  5. If I think of it, I add the information to my the list I keep. Sometimes though, I don't always remember to do that. :-(

  6. I keep my TBR list in a spreadsheet on my palm pilot (that way it's always with me at the library or bookstore). A couple of years ago I added a recommended by column to that spreadsheet.

  7. My wish list and TBR lists are in a spreadsheet and last year sometime I started adding recommended by to books when I add them there. Like Natasha said sometimes it's not one single review that does it though but the collective hype.

  8. I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower. One of my favorite books since I was a teenager. I'll be interested in seeing if you liked it as much as I did.

  9. Hm. It looks like most people have an actual TBR list. I don't have one of those either, I add books I want to my PBS wishlist and then throw them on the pile when them come in. I rarely buy books and when I got to the library I just browse the new releases so I don't take a list there either.

    Has anyone used Goodreads for this kind of thing? I wonder if I could tag them in some way there? (I know I could at Library Thing, but my subscription ran out and I'm too cheap to renew.)

    Ti, Sam, I finished up Perks last night. I'm hoping to review it tonight to post tomorrow.


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