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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On sleeping, winter, Kevin Bacon, and comments.

From the land of "Wow, that's a random post!"

I got more sleep last night (only got up TWICE!) and yet my brain does not seem to realize it.

I love the sound it makes when you walk through fresh snow.

Does anyone remember (or is it you?) who the blogger is that posted about letting her reading take her from one book to the next? I know we all do that to some extent, but there's someone who specifically posted that she was letting her current book specify the next one. Kind of a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but for books. (Ooh, wouldn't THAT be fun! Quick, someone connect War and Peace to Twilight in six books or less!)

And last, there's been some talk lately about replying to comments. Some people prefer that you reply by email and some that you reply in thread. I'm trying to make a habit of replying by email first, and then in thread. It is easy for me to email from work but not so much to get to the blog so email is just easier. If you don't know (and I didn't until Janssen told me), you have to have an email address in your blogger profile for people to email you in reply to comments (if you use blogger.) If I don't get around to a personal comment, it's not that I love you less. It's that the Bug smells bad and the Pirate desperately needs milk and oh, look, something shiny!


  1. I love the Six Degrees idea. You should start a Six Degrees Challenge!

    As for comments... If I get a lot of people asking me the same question, then I will clarify in a comment to that post so all can see.

    However, if someone asks me something very specific, then I will usually reply to them via email if they didn't post anonymously.

  2. Ti, that is an excellent idea. I think I'll work on it!

  3. Some weeks I reply to everyone in the comments, some weeks I reply randomly via email...and some weeks I don't reply at all! Obviously, I haven't found a system yet that works for me.

    War and Peace
    Peace Like a River
    Small in the Eye of a River
    Their Eyes Were Watching God
    Twilight Eyes

    (I had to cheat and use amazon for some of those!)

  4. I always try to respond within the comment sections of my own blog. Whether people read my follow-up comments or not, I have no idea. Most of the time I subscribe to the comments on your blog, but if I notice you answer one person then I'll just unsubscribe. It isn't a problem for me to get the email notifications--especially since gmail is nice and easy. Sometimes if I know you're not going to respond or don't think you will, then I won't subscribe to the follow up comments. This goes with other bloggers as well. Hmmm...does that make sense? Unless it's a personal topic or a special response, I don't see the need for email responses. And please don't respond to the comments I left on YOUR blog at MY blog. You don't do that and I can't think of anyone who really does, except my cousin, and it drives me CRAZY. :)

    Yikes, hope my rambling makes sense. Where was this debate initially? I'd love to read the thread.

    Also, I totally ROCK at 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon (except for obscurities). I used to play when I was anxious about something--help take my mind off the problem.

  5. (Look at me, all self concious about comments now!)

    Softdrink, it's funny, in my mind they were linked by plot or theme, not title. Didn't even occur to me to link titles!

    Trish, I don't understand that part about responding to one person, can you clarify? I guess my problem is: I don't want to make anyone feel left out and I have a hard time knowing how to reply to some comments without repeating myself in my own comments, so I like to email those. Esp if it's one of those great comments about how adorable my children are! In any case, I'm making an effort to reply SOMEWHERE to most comments. That thing your cousin does makes me crazy too, I have one person who occasionally does that.

    There was a little discussion at Everyday Reading, and then that same day at one of my crafty blogs.

  6. Lisa - what I meant was if you have 10 comments and you respond to 1 of the 10, I know that you aren't going to respond to all 10, so I unsubscribe. :) It doesn't bother me at all that you didn't respond to my particular comment, but I know bloggers get busy and can't respond to *everyone*. I totally know what you mean about repeating yourself or having someone feel left out (although, I figure if I can't think of something "new" to say to a commenter, their comment probably wasn't very thoughtful in the first place and doesn't require a creative response from me). LOL!!

    Don't be self-conscious! You're doing a great job. :)

  7. There has been so much confusion about commenting on all the different blogs I read that I decided to put a commenting policy in the sidebar of my blogs so reader will know what I do. Generally, I respond in the comments section. If the comment doesn't really require a response, then I go to the person's blog and try to find something interesting there to comment on and add, "BTW, thanks for visiting my blog."

  8. I don't know if she does it a lot still but I know that S over at Pages Turned has posted about reading the way you mentioned. It sounds like a nice, unhurried way of reading but it wouldn't work for me.

    I usually make a return comment on my blog to everyone that leaves a comment.

  9. Since I made a public statement on my blog about returning emails to commenters, I'm feeling serious pressure. . should never have said anything :)

  10. Plot or theme was too hard. :b

    If it was an actual challenge, I'd link by plot or theme or setting or even some random thing. My friend Rochelle read a few books in a row where sewing popped up. Kind of hard to know when that will happen, though.

  11. It sounds like your body needs to catch up on sleep you missed the night before. I hope you get to sleep lots this weekend.

  12. I love moving from book to book in a "reading itinerary" that often switches and moves in a different direction entirely.

    My current "itineraries" are quite different: the Franklin Expedition, Yoga Study, Biographies, The Brain and how it works, etc. Each new book provides a new trail to follow.

    I've always done this. I read a Chinese mystery and begin looking for other mysteries by Chinese authors, set in China, or with Chinese characters. Right now, I'm just getting better organized with my journeys.


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