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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Week Ahead...

Such a busy week here!

The specifics:

Monday- Post TO DO list. Mail some PBS books at lunch. Spend time in sewing room after the boys crash to prep for Tuesday.

Tuesday- Half day off work since I'm working on Saturday for my slacker friend who is going to VEGAS. Ahem. Will do some sewing in the afternoon. Gotta take the Bug for his 9 month checkup at 4 (shots!) and will have to take the Pirate along. That ought to be a BLAST. Then, American Idol!!!

Wednesday- Post a picture from the weekend for Wordless Wednesday. Final design promised on shop artwork. I bet it's another couple of days before I approved it all though.

Thursday- Nighttime sewing.

Saturday- Work 8-12:30.

General to do- Write thank you notes for Christmas so the Pirate can sign them. Finish The Book of Vice by Peter Sagal. Make a dent in Kitty and the Silver Bullet. By Sunday night, have 10 items ready to list in the new shop. Finish packing away the Christmas stragglers. Nag until the basement lights are fixed. Balance checkbook.

Ok, so it doesn't look so bad! I'm really excited about my sewing, I've got more ideas than I have time for and by the time the boys crash I'm pretty wiped myself. It's too bad you can't just brew up a pot of discipline for yourself. (That's discipline as in: willpower not discipline as in: smack your hands with a ruler.)



  1. That last bit about discipline made me laugh to myself. So funny!

  2. Have fun with your sewing and all the general busy-ness!

  3. I hope your week goes well.

  4. Actually, a ruler smack to my hand would probably get me moving. LOL. Good luck with all your sewing!

    Sorry Bug has to get shots. It was not fun when my 5 yr old went for hers but it was 30 min of unpleasantness and then totally forgotten.


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