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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trish is having a giveaway!

Hey all! We're back in town but about to head out again for a birthday party (rumor has it the next 13 years of my life will be consumed with driving kids to parties. Is this true?)

While you wait for me to say something exciting, stop over at Hey Lady!Whatcha Reading? and enter Trish's Slanket giveaway! She says they rock.


  1. I want a slanket SO bad, but 124 comments already? I'm thinking my chances are slim to zilch.

  2. I loved your dishwasher photos; we have some of those too. And I really love the idea of the crayon rolls. I'm leaving an "award" for you on my book blog tonight. (One baby book loving quilter to another I guess!).


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