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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Library Loot

On Saturday, the whole family went to the library. I had one specific book I wanted and I wanted to browse the quilting books. Tristan loves the library for reasons unknown. The Bug loves the birds (I swear, while he was squealing at them he was saying "Buh! Buh!" which I took to mean "bird!" no?) The Husband managed to pick up a few books too.

Here's the loot:

For me:
  • three back issues of Fons and Porter's for the love of quilting magazine (These are ready to go back once I scan two of the "tips" pages for future reference.)
  • Creaing Your Perfect Quilting Space by Lois L. (Hmm. Library page cuts off her last name. You know how to use Amazon.)
  • Tessellation Quilts by Christine Porter (Eh. Not impressive. Ready to go back.)
  • The Quilter's Quick Reference Guide by Candace Eisner Strick (Now THIS looks useful!)
  • Paper Piecing the Seasons by Liz Schwartz and Stephen Seife (I wanted to learn paper piecing, but the quilts are so uninspiring I'm just gonna take it back.)
  • Fat Quarter Small Quilts by Darlene Zimmerman (haven't explored this one yet.)
  • Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence by Gerard Jones (this is the one I was after)
  • Paper Towns by John Green
For the Pirate:
  • Human Body by Steve Parker (this is the DK Encyclpedia book. I wanted to show the Pirate what lungs look like. It's not good for that, but it IS fascinating.)
  • Moondogs by Daniel Kirk (GREAT pictures.)
  • Olly and Me by Shirley Hughes
  • Superman Chronicles Vol 4 (Comics books published in book form. I don't read them to him, but he pores over them.)
  • The Flash Archives (ditto)
  • The Song of Mu Lan by Jeanne M Lee
  • Too Big! by Claire Masurel
For Mike:
  • Everest Pioneer: The Photographs of Captain John Noel by Sandra Noel
  • The Climbers: A History of Mountaineering by Chris Bonington
  • Bases Loaded: The Inside Story of the Steroid Era in Baseball
  • The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis

****Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Alessandra from Out of the Blue and Eva from A Striped Armchair



  1. I like that quilting space book for daydreaming. Maybe your library has a Carol Doak DVD for learning paper piecing? .

  2. That's a lot of quilting loot!!

    I haven't read Paper Towns (yet) but I just finished Looking for Alaska by Green and it was FANTASTIC!!

  3. Killing Monsters sounds really good! Looks like you picked up some neat books :)


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