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Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Friday

I've decided to just give in and make Friday "Random Friday". Feel free to join me.

  • Anyone know a good source of used/cheap belts? I need a handful of them for a project. My personal used belts are too far gone, but there's gotta be some place that has a bunch for cheap.

  • You know you're the mom when you are using toliet paper from a giant pile of it on the floor- the toliet paper itself and the cardboard roll having been parted from each other by a gleeful baby.

  • I finished my book for the TBR Day last night. Too bad TBR Day was two days ago.

  • Does anyone else obsessively track packages? I have four on the way to me and I can barely keep myself off 1 Ebay purchase (Trish made me buy a gorillapod, if you buy one, get it on Ebay), 1 giveaway win, 2 from Amazon (1 order in 2 boxes.)

  • One of those Amazon boxes is my New Pink Laptop. I sprung for the 5.5 hour battery. I can't wait!

  • I took my Paperbackswap account off vacation hold and the requests and the offers are flying in. If you use PBS I recommend using hold- you have a few days of insane activity and then put it on hold for 3 or 4 weeks and just worry about the books trickling in without having to mail any. You continue to move up the line and if you have books on auto-request they still get offered to you while on hold. If they aren't on auto you just sit in 1st position til you take off hold and then BAM, you get a ton of offers.

  • I really want to fit in some sewing time this weekend. I have tons of projects barely started, or started in my head.

What's your random thought for today?

(PS. The baby in the picture? NOT MINE. That is my niece Aryanna. She's about 2 months younger than the Bug.)



  1. Hmm...maybe try thrift stores...Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. for cheap belts. And I track packages too. Love it.

  2. I was going to say thrift stores for the belts too! Marshalls, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory all have cheap belts as well. :)

  3. I have a Gorilla Pod for my point and shoot camera. It's small and pink but it's too small for my SLR so now I need a bigger one. Never thought of Ebay for that. I bought my other one from REI and it wasn't cheap!

    Walmart and Target have cheap belts.. especially the kid's belts.

  4. Curious about your belt project!

  5. Congrats on the new pink laptop! Someday when I have an empty day to fill on my blog I'll have to do a random post - it sounds like fun.

    If I were to do one right now I would say something along the lines of, "After a lifetime of hating green olives I picked up a jar of them from the store on a whim the other day. Turns out I love green olives if they're stuffed with jalapenos. And no, I'm not pregnant." :) Totally random but I've been wanting to share this information with someone. Lucky you! ;)

  6. LOL--I was about to say WHO is that baby--or when did Bug's hair turn so dark? :) I hope you enjoy your gorillapod--I can't stop telling mine how much I love it! Have a wonderful weekend--I think my sister is coming over to work on one of her quilts. Fun for her...not as much for me (she's very abstract while I'm very practical/logical)

  7. Today, I think I will do something away from my keyboard but I am afraid that the separation anxiety might be too much for both me and the computer.

    Plus, my muscles have atrophied and may no longer be able to support my body weight.

    That is all.

  8. I am losing track of who I've emailed comments to!

    Thrift stores in this area pretty much suck, but maybe some of the consignment stores would have belts.

    I can't wait to get my gorillapod. I imagine I'll be finding excuses to use it.

    Trish, really, can you just move here and sew with me?

    Shiba, I hope the computer and you both survived the separation!

  9. LOL--move to Texas. We didn't get snow yesterday! :P

  10. You make a compelling argument!


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