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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read-a-Thon: 11pm, the read-a-thon gets quiet

People must be dropping, after steady comments all day I've only had one in the last two hours!

Here's my updated stats:

Hours 16 & 17

Minutes read: 116
Pages read: 155
Total minutes reading:593
Total pages read: 683
Books completed: 3 (Gimme Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams and A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg and Paper Towns by John Green)
Minutes online:0
Minutes lost:4
Drinks consumed: 1 water with flavor
Food eaten: 2 dove chocolates

Finished up Paper Towns by John Green. I think I like Looking for Alaska more. Will review it some time next week! Trying to decide what to pick up next- do I go for Sarah Dessen or something more exciting like In the Woods or The Hunger Games? If it's TOO tense I'll stop reading (hello! Freezer book!) but if it's too relaxed I might get sleepy.

I think I'm going to spend a little time online leaving comments- I'm not following twitter because it's too much and too distracting and the feeling of community is slipping a little. I hope all the rest of you are still going strong!



  1. I'm still here! It's not entirely quiet. :)

  2. I love following the twitter, it gives me miniupdates on everyone :) It makes it easy for me.

    As soon as all this madness is over with, I will be following your blog as well. However it is now time for me to get back toreading :)

  3. I am still here too. I am reading a lot more right now...trying to make up some pages. You are doing awesome!

  4. I'M BACK!! I got off schedule and it was really throwing me off. But I'll be more regular now. The numbers will start dropping down, though as the hours progress.

    You and your freezer books. Lisa Lisa Lisa...

  5. I'm still here...

    but it has gotten kinda quiet ;)

    If I crash now i'm probably completely done ;)

  6. Your doing a great job! Way to go!!


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