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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read-a-Thon: 2:30 am. I'm calling it.

I don't have the desire to start something new, and morning will be here soon. If I had tomorrow to myself I'd try to go the whole 24, but my boys both get up so early. I'll be alone with them for much of the day so I'm calling it. I had a blast. I'll write a proper wrap up tomorrow, I mean later today.

TRISH. Thank you for making me do it. *mwah*



  1. Good job :D
    You sure did great

  2. You did great! I'm sure your boys will be happy not to have a completely zombie-ish mother tomorrow...I mean later today! Way to go!

  3. congrats on making it this far.


  4. I think you did fantastic! Anyone who attempts the rea-a-thon with 2 small children is amazing.

  5. I'm impressed! Love, Shawna


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