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Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Friday, view from Grace Coolidge Lookout tower

Nice view, huh? Imagine if I had a REAL camera! That's from the Grace Coolidge Lookout tower in Custer State Park.

I wasted about an hour last night playing with it's addictive, go try it!

I've got to name these random Friday posts something more creative.

I'm vaguely considering backing up my hard drive someplace online. I have a little external drive, but if my house burns down this won't do me any good. Does anyone else use an online service? Can you recommend a particular service if I choose to do it?

I have started emailing myself reviews of Catching Fire because they all claim to have spoilers for The Hunger Games, which no, I still have not read (thanks for saying up front that you have spoilers, I appreciate it!).

Camping again this weekend, just us, just Saturday. It's almost time for the Sturgis Rally so we won't be able to go for several weeks. I want to get as much out of the camper as I can before it gets cold.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow morning before we can go.

Garden Update:
I think we need to pick the last of the chard tonight if we want to eat it. The peppers all died. The cucumber is barely flowering, but then it grew late too. TONS of green tomatoes and I don't think I've ever seen such big tomato plants. There's a zucchini waiting out there for us tonight too. Got any recipes that have both chard AND zucchini?


  1. No recipes to share but can I just say that you make camping look like fun? I am not a camper. I complain too much about bugs and dirt.

  2. Gosh, I think your camera is real enough. That is one incredible view!!

    I'm with Ti, though. You make it look fun, but I am so not into dirt and bugs. I get enough of that just having a husband and teenager and living in the South.

  3. Bookfull (hehe, typo, but I'm leaving it!) - as I told Ti, there aren't many bugs in Western SD. Last weekend we came home with exactly TWO mosquito bites between the four of us. No flies that I noticed, no bees. The occasional small spider. Ticks, yes. No fleas or anything. Having grown up in the South (AL) I can completely understand your hesitation, but one of the best parts of living here is the lack of bugs. Plus, Western SD is gorgeous, made for camping.

  4. You can buy an external harddrive for relatively cheap--and if the expense bothers you, just think about all the stuff you're backing up and how much it would suck to lose it. Actually, that reminds me I need to do a back up.

    Camping again this weekend?? I'm SO jealous. I would love to go, but with 90+ degree weather, I just don't think it would be fun.

    I've never cooked chard, just zucchini. And I haven't cooked that in ages either. I used to just saute it on the stove top. Yummy!

  5. *BUZZ*!
    How about zucchini bread...?
    No clue, really. Good luck!
    Laura H...


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