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Friday, July 02, 2010

Random Friday, again.

So, been a while, huh?

I have several good things to blog about, I just can't seem to find time! We had our last TBall game and we camped at a very kid-friendly campground last weekend, and I have pictures of both!

I have some new items going in the shop, finally, starting with a series of  plain banners like this one:

only the patriotic ones are are sold. Check back this weekend though, because as soon as I can take some pictures I'll be listing other colorways- my favorites are the "watery" ones- blues, greens, aquas and whites! I've also started a series of knitting accessories, rolls for your double point needles and a case for circular ones. At this time I'm doing them with linen as the main fabric and a contrast.  Eventually I may branch out to more fabric patterns but it speeds things up to do a lot of one fabric.

I feel behind on my Etsy Item of the Day posts on the made by lisah blog, but have next week's already scheduled. On top of things I am!

I got pretty sick last week and missed two days of work. Turns out I had a kidney infection and now have to stay on antibiotics until the baby arrives.

I'm reading NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson and Ashley  Merryman right now. It's really given me a lot to think about and I've marked several passages to share with you. Thanks to Janssen and Marjorie for recommending it. And speaking of Janssen (Hi!), one of my friends (hi!) gave her a lovely compliment (to me) the other day,  that she is so great at responding personally to comments and I have to agree. 

It is finally summer in these parts and I'm so happy for the warmth that I almost don't care that I no longer have ankles. Which reminds me, any see any cute CHEAP sandals lately? Here's my criteria- can't have a thick band over the top, can't have ankle buckles that have to be undone, should be slightly dressier than flip flops, no heel, and not hiking sandals, a la Keens. I'm looking to spend a very small amount and wear them nearly every day, so nothing too wild, but doesn't have to be black either. Ideas?

We're still unsure of our Fourth of July plans. We may go out with family, we may stay home. What are your plans?

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Take care of yourself! Good luck finding sandals.

  2. I really want to try Nurture Shock. I've never read much in the parenting department (shock!), but I've seen this one mentioned on so many blogs, I can hardly resist.

  3. Andi, it's not so much about parenting as about kids and how they process things about how it's not as you'd expect. For example, if you tell someone your son is 6, but his birthday isn't until next week, he'll likely see that as lying since it is not true. This isn't so good if you're trying to teach him not to lie. Each chapter is a different topic, it's really interesting.

  4. Well, aren't you lovely?

    So sorry about the infection - sounds miserable!

  5. Glad you're feeling better but medicine for the rest of your pregnancy? Yuck!

    Don't know about the sandals. I haven't been shoe shopping in a year. Really.

  6. I'm sorry that you have been sick. Glad that you are feeling better. I'm also glad that y'all have gotten some warm weather. It's only July:)

  7. I'm SO sorry to hear about the kidney infection! I had one when I was pregnant with my oldest. So miserable! You just cannot get comfortable. Hope you're feeling better!

  8. I had a Kidney infection just a couple of weeks ago myself. Not fun at all. Hope you feel better now.

    I got permission from my boss to wear bedroom slippers when I was preggers. I could not get my foot into a regular shoe, no matter what the size. I looked like hell but I didn't care!

    I think thin, strappy flip flops can look dressy as long as the straps and base are not rubbery.


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