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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Coffee, tea, and me.

For the last couple of years I've been a pretty dedicated coffee drinker. When I was working I'd typically have a mug at home and another at work each morning. Every Friday morning I'd treat myself to a latte from Starbucks. I'm not a coffee snob, I don't roast or grind my own beans, and frankly am just as happily with Folgers as I am with anything spendier.  I've had a couple Keurigs (the first was killed by lightning) and while they are terrific machines, the K-cups is more than I can afford these days.

Last month when The Princess wouldn't stop crying, I decided I would cut back on caffeine.  I started to make tea instead. Initially I bought chai, thinking it was closest to coffee. I won't lie, the first few days I really missed my coffee. After a few days of the chai, I dug out a box of Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet tea. I drink my tea with sugar and milk*, and it was quite similar to the chai. Then as I was packing I opened a box to find a sample box of Bag Ladies Tea that I had received last year. (I think.) This morning I had a cup, and while it's not as tasty as the spicier teas, it is pleasant enough. Again, sugar and milk* were added.

Now that the weather is cooler, I find myself wanting a cup of tea in the afternoon or evening. It's a lot less work to make tea than to make coffee (without the Keurig.) I'm still undecided on which I prefer. I still love a nice latte or a perfectly made cup of coffee at home, but tea is slowly winning me over. If only it smelled as wonderful as a pot of coffee brewing does!

What about you? Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Do you have a favorite method or brand of either? Tea seems to be a little more expensive, which is admittedly a consideration these days, but it's the little things that makes life great, right?

I've added this picture to the Month of Gratitude Flickr pool. I'm grateful for the little rituals like coffee and tea. 

*Ok, I admit it- I use coffee creamer in my tea. The Vanilla Cinnamon flavor is perfect in chai.

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  1. I am *a bit* of a coffee an extent. I don't care for Folgers or Maxwell House for drip coffee, but I do like the Wegman's store brand and even the Walmart store brand is good. I prefer Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks for regular coffee, but if we're talking fancy lattes and the like, I'm Starbucks all the way. And I drink my coffee with skim milk, no sugar.

    I do love me some tea though! At night I usually have a cup of decaf green tea, no milk or sugar, just plain, but I've started getting adventurous lately and trying other flavors.

    And that was probably way more of an answer than you were looking for ;)

  2. When I drink coffee, about a cup a day, I am pretty snobby about it. It must be a fine brewed bean with lots of Stevia and Coconut Milk creamer (better than soy as I am allergic!). I drink that cup at night, while helping with homework.

    At work, I drink tea. I am partial to the Tazo brand. You can get it in high end stores but you can also get it at Target! They make a great chai tea but they also have some great green teas which I like quite a bit.

    Sometimes I will get the pre-made chai tea quarts from Trader Joes. All you do is heat it up and add milk or cream. They are a tad too sweet for me though but nice in a pinch.

    My co-worker who has a Thai girlfriend makes his tea with sweetened, condensed milk. It's YUM!

  3. I love my coffee in the morning but I do love tea. There's a great tea shop nearby and I've discovered an orange blossom loose leaf that I could drink a lot of if it weren't so pricey.

  4. I do love how coffee smells when it is brewing but I never acquired a real taste for it. I am a tea drinker. I love Chai made by our local coffee joint and I make tea at home as well. I do honey in mine.

  5. At my last job, there was a Starbucks in the building (uh oh). I got addicted to a frappucino every day. Hate their drip coffee, though. Then I got pregnant, then breastfeeding, then pregnant again, and I pretty much stopped caffeine except occasionally (don't mean to suggest you shouldn't have caffeine - it also is better for me not to have it regularly because of migraine issues). Well, I recently learned that Starbucks makes decaf frappucinos finally. HEAVEN. I'm in there way too often. The other day my son said, in the car, "Mama, I will look and tell you if I see any houses that say 'starbooks' on them." My husband and I also drink a lot of tea - both of our families have English roots. I drink decaf english breakfast while pregnant.

  6. PS You know how people promote their religion to others? I am like that with coffee for migraines. When I feel a migraine coming on, and experience blurred vision, even entire arm and face going numb occasionally, I can get a coffee and guzzle it and never get the migraine. An absolute miracle.

  7. Wow, I'm behind on your posts.

    I am a tea drinker - all day long. I must have a strong cup when I first wake up, or I have a horrible headache all day. Black or orange pekoe or a blend is my preference as I'm not big on flavored or "herbal" teas. The only thing that might get added to my tea is a squeeze of lemon juice.

    It has only been in the last few years that I've been able to even stand the taste of coffee. I don't mind it now, but the only way I can drink it is mixed with cocoa and lots of milk. Black coffee kills my stomach.

    Oh, tho, freshly ground coffee has always been one of my favorite smells in the world. Right up there with freshly baked bread, vanilla, and chocolate.

  8. I am partial to the Tazo brand. You can get it in high end stores but you can also get it at Target!

  9. Definitely prefer coffee... the smell, the taste...I luuuurrve it. But I do also drink tea. Cold in the summer and hot in the colder months in late afternoon or evening. For the taste and comfort... plus the health benefits. :)


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