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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking care of the little things

I don't know about you, but I always have a dozen little tiny details that need to get done, but aren't really pressing, so they get forgotten, even if I write them down. This morning we had an hour to spare before library time so I sat here and took care of quite a few of them.
  • I changed my Paypal bank account.
  • I changed my Amazon bank account
  • I made of list of the things we need at the store (ok, so that gets done, this is an odd ball list though, not food.)
  • I packaged up three etsy orders, or as much as I can without flatrate boxes from the post office. (Can you guess what one of our errands are today?)
  • I updated my library list.
  • I searched the library catalog for a couple books for Mike.
  • I almost printed off my Goodreads TBR, but then realized I didn't want to waste resume paper on it and added "paper" to the shopping list.
  • I found the office supplies to determine if we had any sticky tack. We do. And tape.
  • I came here to blog (Really need to get a few posts scheduled!)
Today we're headed to library story time, to continue my plan of putting myself out there.  Yesterday we went to the local MOPS meeting, and I think we all had a good time.  It was nice to have a couple of hours where I knew my children were being taken care of without my help. Then we went to the bank to open a local account (see above) and my child, my lovely peaceful zen child (HAHAHA), stood in the corner and took his poopy diaper off.  At the bank. In the office. LOVE-ly.

Unrelated fact, actual temp here today is -13F. MINUS THIRTEEN.

What's your Wednesday looking like?

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  1. It is cold and icy here, so I'm staying in the nice warm house. I had to laugh at your bank story!

  2. Please be careful being out in that cold.

    Hope you meet some nice people.

    Makes here seem balmy, although we are supposed to have a blizzard today. (The wind is blowing so the highways are probably a mess.)

    LOL about the diaper incident. Morals aside, this makes a good case for birth control. Just kidding, of course. We love our babies - even when they embarrass us to death. (You get to pay it back when you are old. Just hopefully it won't be with a poopy diaper. When they are teens and you are all out together in public, sing out loud with the oldies. Really gets to the young ones. Hehehehe Oh, and be sure to give them hugs and kisses.)

    Soup lunch at church today; that is usually fun. Church building is only a few blocks - easy walking distance - but there is a steep hill between home and the church. Gets tricky at times (walking and driving). City does a really crappy job of snow clearing and sanding.

    Speaking of babies - my youngest is home for a few days. She is staying with her childhood friend now, but we will see her today.

  3. The bank story is hysterically funny! These things happen. Perhaps this will help you feel better: last night at our Zen Yoga event, my 8-yr-old drank from the spigot of the lemonade glass serving front of the yoga teacher. We were shocked but it doesn't beat a poopy diaper in the bank office! Hope you can cross lots off your to-do list today!

  4. lol @ the bank story!

    We are having a blizzard at the moment, but I don't think it is that cold out. It feels cold, though, because the wind is really strong. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Can't remember a single thing you wrote after I read what The Bug did! God love children--you just never know what they'll do. That is going to make the best story around the dinner table ten years from now!

  6.'ve just gotta love kids. I took my youngest two to Subway to pick up dinner the other day and she ran straight out the door without me while I was trying to juggle the food and the carseat carrier. I about had a heart attack. I'm not quite sure how you are supposed to keep up sometimes :) Stay warm!!

  7. I've got so many little things to take care of too. Hopefully you've inspired me to get to it!


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