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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas sewing, two weeks later

It turns out I can't not post about the few Christmas gifts I made. It's not a long post, there were only a handful, so bear with me for one more post about Christmas, ok?

We drew the names of the two tween girls in the family and since they live 5 hours apart I figured I was safe making them similar bags. I picked out all the orange and pinks in my stash and hemmed up little strips on the serger with orange thread. I laid them out in two different patterns and came up with little purses for each. I think they were a hit, as I saw both girls load them up over the course of the day.

You can't really tell from those pictures, but the hemmed edge of each strip isn't sewn down, it's more like a unruffly ruffle.

Then next name on our list was that of a freshly minted school teacher, so of course I had to make a tote bag. My mother-the-teacher assures me that teachers never have enough.
If you've known me since college, you'll recognize that this used to be a dress. Is it cheating to make gifts out of too-small clothing?

The last family name was that of the newest baby in the family. He's about 6 weeks younger than the Princess. For him, I'd recently read a tutorial on a faux-chenille type baby blanket and couldn't resist trying it out. It was pretty scary to cut into after I'd sewn it up, but it turned out great. Next time I'm doing mitered corners though, instead of rounded ones.

And here they are together on Christmas.
Yeah, I cut their heads off, but you needed to be able to see her SHOES! The bows!
Lastly, the Pirate needed a gift for his teacher, so I made up a little mini-banner.  Each of the triangles are about half the size as in my regular banners, so she could hang it on the desk or the door if she so desired.
And I think that's all the Christmas gifts I made, this year I'm starting earlier!

Yeah right.

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  1. You were busy! I'm sure your gifts were a hit because there's nothing better than a handmade gift.

  2. Um, why is it that Mike couldn't have gotten a job in Dallas and you moved here so we could sew together all day long? I know, what fantasy world am I living in?

    Um, what's a serger? LOVE those pink colors!

  3. How did you find time to make the gifts? The tote bag made from recycling a dress is wonderful. (Your mom is right. One can never have too many tote bags.) The other bags and banner are cute, too. Darling babies wearing darling outfits.

    Oh, I said I hadn't read any good books this past year. That was a "lie". I re-read Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Five Little Peppers and How they Grew, and laughed out loud through Lean Mean Thirteen.

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  5. Beautiful! I'm especially fond of the pink and orange bags. Awesome!


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