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Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Friday: New Header

  • After years of never changing my header I've now changed it twice in a month. I liked the last one just fine but the lovely TRISH gave me permission to add her terrific picture of a book and coffee mug, so I changed it again. I also swapped out the picture of the Pirate.
  • I just opened an op-ed about Anthony Weiner and immediately closed it again. Too! Many! Words! Also, I can't stop being angry that his stupidity is bigger news that our flood.
  • Or that this story about a monkey scratching two people. O!M!G! is the fifth story down on MSNBC's US News. And the flood is not mentioned, at all, on that page.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday. I have no real plans.
  • The flood is going swimmingly. (Ha. I kill me.) So far the levees are doing their job and the only flooding is where it was expected. We still live on a hill and are still dry. The Bug will give you all the sandbag and "but we live on a HILL" details you can handle.
  • Yesterday the Princess had shots. She is a Grumpy Gloria today and is running a fever. Poor baby. Poor us, as she didn't sleep much either.
  • I've done a TON of sewing this week. I might actually put some stuff in the shop soon, new things!
Books I Read This Week:
(Can I even remember? I do know that I have a ton of awesome looking books out of the library. Maybe I'll show you those tomorrow?)
I'm too tired to make sure this all makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't, ok?

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  1. I'm glad to see the levees are doing their job. Happy birthday to you!

  2. Unfortunately it seems disasters aren't big news until they're catastrophic. :(

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Perhaps you'll spend the day sewing? ;) Don't forget to keep us updated on what you're sewing...I've got the bapron in the back of my mind.

  3. Hope the levee and sandbags hold and glad you live on a hill.

    Happy Birthday. I hope your day is lovely. May you get something from your wish list.

    Random, but I now see what you mean about Janet Evan*ovich's number 14. Fifteen and sixteen aren't any better. Also, wasn't fond of Metro Girl and absolutely hated Motor Mouth. Liked Wicked Appetite.

  4. Ugh shots! I'm usually so traumatized after shots that all I do is lay around with the little one afterwards and baby them. And yes I said me. I HATE taking my kids to get is the worst! Hope she feels better soon!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    I was wondering how the levees were doing since I googled it and couldn't find any news.

    I love your header!!

  6. Hope your birthday was fun. I know we joked about the kids not giving you any time but I hope you still got to do something fun.

    The nature of your header, a bulletin board, BEGS for changes every now and then. I love that you switch the stuff out.

  7. Hope you had a happy birthday! It really is ridiculous that stupid Mr. Weiner is such big news when people losing their homes and livelihoods isn't even making a blip.


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