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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I dread school starting tomorrow

School starts tomorrow for the Pirate. He's fairly unexcited but we met his teacher last night and some of his friends were there which perked him up a bit about it. I'm not overly concerned about the Pirate. I think he'll be ok once he's used to the schedule. I am completely worried about the Bug. The Bug, who is 3, is not starting school tomorrow, despite what he might tell you. He stayed home with dad last night while the Pirate and I went to the open house, and Mike reports that he was devastated. Heartbroken. Unable to breathe because he was crying so hard. I have no idea how we're going to get the Pirate out of the car at school without a huge scene. I have no idea how the Bug will possibly survive without his brother. I'm trying to think up some exciting activities, but sadly there isn't much that the Bug truely loves, besides the Pirate. I'm planning to make a big big deal about how he's the Big Kid at home now! Other than that, I'm stumped. The park won't be enough. I'm not sure McDonalds would do it. Suggestions, cheap ones, welcome.

Meanwhile, I'm still participating in the 21 Day Challenge. I have managed to miss two days of pictures, but I still did the outfit! Today's theme was "monochromatic." Since it's supposed to be 100 here today, I wanted to be cool, so I choose a loose skirt and a tank top (and flip flops, but I didn't put them on for the picture.) Today's picture courtesy of the Bug, age 3.

Tank top: Target
Skirt: Walmart
Flip flips: Sanuks

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  1. Since we only had one child, I never had that problem, but maybe you could The Bug to help plan a surprise of some sort for The Pirate.

  2. O man, that has to be tough! I had some friends who's little 3 year old brother did that when I was little. It was so sad. Is there anything you all can do/make for Pirate when he gets home so that the first few days or week Bug can feel like he's helping Pirate? Man, I'm stumped.

  3. Is it that he just misses the Pirate or that he wants to go to school too?

    If the latter, maybe he's ready for a pre-school class.

    If the former, then I am with Kathy. Maybe you guys can come home and plan a little party for the Pirate's return. It might at least get him through the first day.

  4. I like the party idea. I think I would do something special for the Bug, like McDonalds picnic at the park. Plus, do a little party for the Pirate when he gets home. Some balloons, a homemade banner (paper, and delish snack that he could help make like cupcakes or brownies. Good luck.

  5. Wish you the best of luck with The Bug. I'm sure he'll be fine once he gets used to The Pirate not being around. Maybe even begin to like it? If he feels that it is sort of special being at home?

  6. Oh dear. Is there a frienc tat bug could play with and/or take with you to McD's and park?

    Like your outfit. It looks cool and comfy.

  7. Awww..poor Bug. My daughter got dressed and put on her big girl bookbag (her Grandma bought it for her) to walk the oldest to school today. I thought she would be upset that she wasn't going but apparently walking to the school and back was good enough for her :)

  8. Oh, poor Bug! But how great that he loves his brother so much. What about picking up some age-appropriate work books and setting up a time for Bug School? Let him pick up some new "supplies" and and even call outside time "recess?" Love the other ideas to have him help with something to welcome the Pirate home.

  9. Poor boy, but definitely sweet that he's so taken on Pirate. Hopefully you guys survive this first week.

    Have the same top. In several colors including the light blue. Love it. ;)


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