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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleeping through the night

I'm not naming names, because that would be silly, but someone slept all night. Finally.

(can you see her lifting her little foot up to climb out?)

We've been struggling a lot with sleep here, because in this small apartment it's really hard to let a baby cry it out when you know you could pick them up and get them back to sleep really easily. The Princess knew this and would wake up multiple times a night to be nursed back to sleep. We're talking five or more wake ups a night, every night, for months. This weekend we swapped up all the sleeping, with the boys sleeping with their dad in my (lovely, soft, comfy, big) bed. The Princess slept in the Pack N Play in the boy's room and I slept on the couch. This way at least three of us slept well. The first two nights involved a lot of crying. It was heartbreaking. But then Saturday night she someone slept all night!

Heartened by our success we embarked on a giant room reorganization project. We flopped our bed over to the interior wall, which means you now have to walk around our bed to get to the sliding doors, or if you sleep on the far side you have to walk all the way around to get in bed. That part sucks. Then we moved the crib to the corner away from both doors. We installed two big hooks in the ceiling and hung the curtains from our old living room, on the rod from the old bedroom, from the ceiling. This gives the Princess her own (very tiny) room! Now she can no longer see us sleeping in the same room as her. She can see me walk around the bed, if she happens to be awake and looking at the right spot.We're thinking about adding another matching one to make it a wall all the way across, and then using the other half of the poor girl's bedroom to store stuff. (See: ongoing storage unit project.)

For now though, we're enjoying the idea of getting to sleep all night long, for the first time in well over a year.


  1. I hope it continues to go well, Lisa. As an exhausted mother of 5 months, I can't imagine going on like this for a year (though now I'm battling insomnia on top of everything else). I think having her own space and not being able to see you will make a huge difference.

  2. You must be exhausted. May she keep it up. May you get the rest you need.

  3. Isn't a full night's sleep the most exciting thing ever??? I'm glad to hear that you found what worked for you and her :)

  4. Lucky you!!

    I swear my girls didn't sleep through completely through the night [1 am to 5 am isn't through the night by my definition] until they were THREE! or was it four? I tell you it felt like a decade... times two.


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