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Monday, November 14, 2011

Craft Show Results

So. The nicest thing I can say about the craft show is that I got to spend two days hanging out with a friend and talking to other adults. I also got a line on a group of stay at home moms who get together weekly to chat and craft (Suh-WEET!) and made one more flower for the hex quilt. What I did NOT do, is make any money. Saturday was very very disheartening. I cried.  But as Mike points out, I couldn't have know without trying it. Check an item off the bucket list. One booth out of every eight was a handmade craft. The other seven were vendors (Park Lane, Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, etc.) 

I'm going to spend this week posting the leftovers to the Etsy shop and take a little break from sewing for sale. I'm going to make myself a new winter bag, followed by a few things for the kids. Then I'll jump back into the Etsy sewing with both feet.

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  1. I'm so sorry the craft show didn't go well. I agree with Mike - you wouldn't have known if you hadn't tried.

  2. Glad you had fun, though it was disappointing. Good work preparing though!

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  4. Oh, that is so disheartening. Especially after all that work you put in!

    But at least you made some friends!

  5. He's absolutely right that you could not have known. I know personally I'd rather see a roomful of handmade sellers than regular vendors. Blah! Boring!

    You are awesome, my dear! Take some time and then get back on ze horse!

  6. Mike is so great -- that is exactly right. If you hadn't done it, you'd always wish you had. I'm so bummed. Everyone who didn't buy something is an idiot!!

  7. Okay, you didn't make any money. Why do you think that is? Maybe folks were looking for Holiday stuff. You think? I use to participate in these shows but I was a vendor (Stampin' Up!). I never sold product or stuff I made but I got a lot of people interested in doing it. Which made them customers down the line. Can't say I made a load of money but I met folks.

    Maybe you can do something like that. Host a sewing class, for a nominal fee. Kids craft classes would be fun for a bday party. Maybe go a different route.

  8. I'm sorry it was so terrible. The same thing happened to Brooke last year and I almost made a comment to you before the show about that but decided to keep my mouth shut. Mike is right--you have to chalk it up to experience. But I also wouldn't give up--maybe there are better craft shows around? But yes, vendors at a craft show is kind of annoying, I think.

  9. Sorry to hear you didn't have better luck! I wouldn't totally give up on the shows. There are some here that are like that but others that really try to stick to crafts. I helped my BIL one fall doing craft shows and it can be disheartening! I wonder if anyone ever makes enough to make it worth your time?

  10. I'm so sorry it didn't turn out the way you had hoped, but I agree with Mike 100%--You never know how unless you try!

    I think making a few things for yourself and the kids is a great idea. : )

    Good luck! xo

  11. I'm bummed to hear that your craft show didn't go so well. It is exciting to find a group of moms to hang out with...sounds like fun! And I'm excited to see what you add to the Etsy shop :)


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