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Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Friday: Clifford the Big Red Dog came to story time!

  • Free Etsy Banners! I'm thinking maybe I should decorate the shop this year.
  • I've decided that a beach towel is one of the best souvenirs of  a place. We use our beach towels year round and it never fails to make me smile when I use the one from our trip to Kauai.
  • Have ya'll seen Gone Reading? They have some cute reading (duh) shirts and bags and mugs. 100% of their profit goes to building libraries in developing countries.
  • The kids got flu shots on Wednesday. That night the Princess had a high fever and we spent some quality time together from about 1am to about 4:30am.  Yesterday the Pirate came home from school and got in bed and slept until 6:30. They say there are no side effects, but what amazing coincidences!
  • Speaking of quality middle of the night time, I'm tired. I'd link you to the Barenaked Ladies song Who Needs Sleep, but my computer doesn't approve of videos these days. You can hear a bit at Amazon-Who Needs Sleep? . Maybe I should make that my ring tone.
  • Mike is in the middle of inventory prep. Aside from him running in the door as I run out it to work, I don't know the last time I saw him.  He's gone when I get up every morning. I told him that as soon as it's over I am TAKING A NAP.
  • The new job is going well, I think. They let me out on my own on Saturday.
  • I listed several new crayon wallets in the shop yesterday. I can't remember if I showed those to you, but they are little folding wallets that hold a dozen crayons and a small notebook. Super cute and affordably priced. They'd fit right into a stocking.
  • I started scheduling blog posts at the beginning of this week. What a difference this makes! I don't sit here thinking, "I really should blog..."
What I Read this Week:
  • Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I've had it on the shelf for years. The best part about a Sarah Dessen book is that you know what you're getting when you open it up.
  • Only His by Susan Mallery. This is the last one in the series of six. I still need to read book four, but the person who has it from the library hasn't returned it yet. It's due September 16th. I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to do a post about Susan Mallery once I have them all read. Might have to ILL that one to get it done.
  • Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowly. This one is an ARC from Net Galley. This is my first Net Galley book. I'm not sure if I'll go back for more, it's really tiny to read it on my phone. I've barely started reading this one, but I think I'm going to enjoy it.

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  1. I don't think women ever get enough sleep. Your kids interrupt it when they're small, then you stay awake worrying about them when they're teens, and then menopause hits.

  2. I think I should go to Kauai and get myself a beach towel. ; )

    Who told you there are no side effects from the flu shot? I was always under the impression that the #1 possible side effect from the flu shot is flu-like syptoms!!!! sheesh.

    Have you heard of the book, "Go the F*ck Asleep"? I think you should borrow it from the library! :D

  3. I am glad your new job is going well!

  4. I'm ignoring Kathy's comment. *imnotlisteninglalalalala*

    Anyway, I got a shotless flushot this year. Apparently it was an airgun of sorts. I had a HUGE bruise on my arm for weeks. Next year I'll opt for the actual shot.

    Scheduling posts works well for me, too. Now just need the time to WRITE the posts!

    Yay for the job! Boo for the snow.

  5. The kids look so excited to see Clifford! My kids always ran fevers after flu shots, too. How could there not be a risk of a side effect - it's a live virus after all. I don't know why they say that!

  6. Flu shots....ugh! I'm not a fan and my kids always seem to get sick after them. I'm starting to think that they are better off without them as they will get it one way or the other. Currently my kiddos are sharing a nasty cold with each other. Lovely. I wish I could catch up enough to schedule some posts but that hasn't been happening lately. Hope you had a great weekend!


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