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Friday, December 30, 2011

1999 was a good year, apparently.

Things are finally slowing down a little here in the Books. Lists. Life. house. We have one more holiday weekend this weekend and then things are back to normal. I have some projects to show you and a couple bookish posts (best books, final tally, that sort of thing) that I want to post next week. I also have a handful of reviews I'd like to get posted, if even briefly.   In the meantime, the lovely TRISH made me this beautiful bar chart and I thought I'd go ahead and share it.
Some interesting things to note:
-I graduated from high school in June 1993.
-I graduated from college in 1998.  I was a history major, so it was very reading intensive, but generally giant, dry books. 
-I worked at Books-A-Million from 1996-1998.
- in late September 1999 I started playing EverQuest, the online game in which I met Mike. I did not read a single book after early October of that year.
-in 2002 I moved to South Dakota.
-in 2004 Mike and I were married and the Pirate was born in 2005.
-the Bug was born in 2008.
-the Princess was born in 2010.

(There, that post oughta help any stalkers find me.)


  1. I'm impressed that you've kept track of the number of books you read for that long.

  2. As always, I am impressed with your awesomeness!

  3. I'm impressed too. I started keeping track of books read in 2002. I want to do a graph!

  4. I didn't know you worked at BAM! We don't have that chain in Dallas but I was hoping they'd come in when Borders went out. Looks like the big dip happened when you moved to SD. Interesting since Mike reads a lot, too.


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