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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mops, Vintage Easter Dresses, Spiritual Memoirs

  • I mopped the floors this week. Yes, it's big enough news to open a post with it. I kinda hate my mop though ("Wonder", yeah right). What kind of mop do you use?
  • The Princess is full on toddler. She talks so much, asks for things, says please, plays with her brothers, watches tv (ahem.Bad mommy.) And she's so stinking cute. But if she doesn't learn to eat in the evenings I'm trading her in for a nice pair of boots. (She does not eat, therefore, she does not sleep.)
  • I have both a pattern, and the fabric, for what might be her Easter dress. I have 37 days? 40? Something like that, left in which to make it. It may not be her Easter dress because I also have this vintage, 30 year old, smocked dress my grandmother made. If I do make it, I'll do the version with the sash, with a bright pink sash. (please ignore the photo quality, it was a quick snap to show my mom and I'm too lazy to retake it.)Vintage smocked Easter dress.
  • If you don't pay attention, the Princess with go try to take her own bath. See? Jan 21. She would like to take her bath now.
  • I'm been planning some changes to my Etsy shop, I'm sure ya'll are all hanging on eagerly to hear them.
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  1. I love the vintage dress, but I'm very old fashioned when it comes to baby clothes. I know how to smock so, of course, I have a boy. I still smocked for him, though.

  2. Wait--didn't the princess just turn one?! ;) Seriously--how is she that old already??

    And I adore that dress. My mom made us matching Easter dresses when we were little (among other regular clothes) and I so wish that I still had some of them. Think we used them for our baby dolls and they got destroyed. :(

    I'm cracking up at Kathy's comment about smocking for Vance. Ha!

  3. I go on my hands and knees and scrub my kitchen floor with a scrub brush and use old socks and or rags to rinse/wipe clean. In between those scrubbings I use a swifter with wet cloths there and on bathroom floors. We have hardwood everywhere else and I mostly swifter the hardwood with dust cloths and use a wet cloth as needed. I have been looking for a swifter type mop with reusable/re-washable clothes so that I don't need to keep buying the other products that go with the swifter. It's so wasteful but so easy!

    Maybe you need to with hold snacks after 3 pm so she builds up an appetite for dinner? I know how frustrating it is when they don't eat! I swear mine grew up on air.

    LOVE the dress.

  4. I hate mopping but vacuuming is the worst! The dress is super cute...I love seeing the adorable things that you are able to make her. I wish I could :/


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