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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three things to love about Pierre, South Dakota

Picturing Pierre, take two

1. This morning the Bug, the Princess and I went to the thrift store. Tuesday is the day all the new stuff appears, so it's a fairly crowded day in a very small building. Add a loud 3 year old and a stroller and you can imagine how much they love me, but we still go every week.  Today I had given the Bug his very own five dollar bill with which to buy his toy. Predictibly, he lost it. I mentioned it at the check out and she took my name and number, but really, it was $5 and I expected it to be gone.   I got a call, less than an hour later, that someone turned it in. Yes, this could happen anywhere, but it seems like such a small town thing to me.

2. When we first moved here I worried about the tiny library. One of my first posts was about the library and how  less technologically advanced it was than my old one. As time has gone on, I've come to love the little library. I can get most of the books I want off their shelves, and if they don't have it there is always Inter Library Loan. They forgive all fees if you return books on Wednesday and Sunday, there's no limit to the number of books you can check out, and all books are 30 day loans. With only one or two exceptions, the librarians are all very friendly.  But here's why I really love it- on Sunday, Mike dropped me off at the front door so I could run in some returns and pick up my holds. I get a LOT of holds. I was standing at the desk putting my returns in the bin, when one of my favorite librarians looked up and saw me. She said, "Oh! I have something for you!" and propped against the phone, right there on the front desk, was a little note attached to a card that they had found in one of my returns. The amazing part is not that they would return it to me (though really, it was an unremarkable Christmas card), but that I hadn't told them my name. They didn't KNOW I'd be in on Sunday unless they'd noticed I'm there every Sunday.  It wasn't with my holds that I hadn't even asked for yet.  When we go to story time, which is not as often as you'd think, the children's librarian remembers ALL the kids names, including mine. This personal touch is exactly what I want in a library.

3. We recently had some work done on our car.  We only own one car, our other vehicle being a company truck. We are allowed to ride in the company truck, but it only seats four. So we had no car that the entire family could fit into. The day that it was returned to us was a particularly busy one for Mike and he was having a hard time getting away from work, let alone finding someone to take him to pick it up. When I was talking to the woman on the phone, she offered to bring it to me. "Oh, I'm headed that way anyway, I'll just have my partner follow me. No big deal!" No extra charge. My car showed up at my door within the hour.


  1. Sounds like small town living at its best. I thought Pierre was big since it's the state capital, and looked it up and saw that our little suburb is bigger.

  2. There are nice people in the world.

    BTW, blogger changed their word verification process and now it takes me about 3-4 word cycles to find one that I can read. Try to post a comment yourself and you'll see what I mean.

  3. I didn't know I had word verification on!

  4. Yeah, I know that I HATE the new word verification. I took it off my own blog because I didn't want to annoy people...

    Moving on, it is wonderful that you live in a town with so many nice people! Everyone should be so lucky. :)

    1. Actually, they changed the word verification again and it is actually readable. It was here anyway. There must have been lots of complaints because at least one of the words was virtually impossible to read.

  5. Isn't that awesome that you got your $5 back? Believe it or not, stuff like that even happens here in New Jersey.

    Your library sounds lovely. I've been annoyed with mine lately, including the snippy librarians.

  6. How lovely! Your library sounds absolutely wonderful! I love all of the librarians at my local library as well which makes it such a good experience.

  7. awesome post thanks 4 sharing this post with us

  8. um, hi? LOVE the Plains states. i'm from Kansas but I'm not there right now. :)


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