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Thursday, March 01, 2012

February 2012 at a Glance

I managed to take a picture every day but once this month.

1. Feb 1. I sure do take a lot of pictures of her eating., 2. Feb 2. Wearing great grandma made sweater, mama made tutu, miles of lace trim., 3. Feb 3. A fabric rainbow., 4. Feb 4. Under the weather, 5. Jan 5. Sunday night was a fail., 6. Feb 6. Write your own caption for this one., 7. Feb 7. Laundry., 8. Feb 8. Black dog. Black chair. Instant camo!, 9. Feb 9. Someone front faced my shelves., 10. Feb 10. Brotherly companionship., 11. Feb 11. Unwanted books., 12. Feb 12. Best toy ever., 13. Feb 13. Red velvet cupcakes, 14. Feb 14. As seen by Noah., 15. Feb 16. Ham., 16. Feb17. At the pool. Daddy called me a redneck., 17. Feb 18. Hexes., 18. Feb 19. Reading before bed., 19. Feb 20. Fresh bread., 20. Jan 21. She would like to take her bath now., 21. Jan 22. Baby's bedtime buffet., 22. Feb 23. This is the only picture I took. Just keeping it real!, 23. Feb 24. More horses., 24. Feb 25. Baby's first ponytail, 25. Feb 26. One of the knows the rules. One of the does not., 26. Feb 27. Stole his brother's DS, 27. Feb 28. I dunno who did it, wasn't me!, 28. Feb 29. Baby, brothers, snow plow.


  1. BUT if it were any other February, you would have gotten them all! Love the one of the princess's pony tail.

  2. I love these! I MUST try doing this myself next year :)


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