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Friday, March 02, 2012

Rugs, Librarians, and Necromancers.

  • Why do people put rugs under dining room tables? Do you have one under yours? Why?
  • We had a major catastropy this week when the Bug left his Snuggly Bear Blankie at the thrift store. No, I don't know why he took it in. THANK GOODNESS, we had two of them. And, even better, when I called in the morning it was there! We have been reunited. (And it feeeeels so good.)
  • The Princess had her 18 month check up yesterday. She weighs in at a whopping 21.1 lbs (29th percentile) and 31" tall (41st percentile.) She is otherwise a healthy girl. She got 4 shots (her last ones for a few years!) and  took it like a total rock star. Unfortunately, she followed it up with a low grade fever and a messed up nap.  I did talk to the pediatrician about the sleep issues, but she kinda agrees that it's a by product of the apartment and the fact that she KNOWS we are 10 feet away. 

What I Read This Week:


  1. We do have a rug under our dining room table to protect the floor from the scrapes of the chair legs.

    I'm glad the Bug and his blankie were reunited. My son's lovely went missing one time when my husband was out of town and it was a crisis. I found it a couple days later in the microwave.

  2. Ha! Good answer to the librarian. I might have kicked her in the shin.

    And you mean that my butterball is only 1 pound less than the dainty princess? Bahaha! I know they lean out a bit when they start walking.

    We have carpet under our formal dining room table. If I had the money to redo our flooring I'd probably put wood down as Maggie peed all over that carpet. We do not have a rug under our kitchen table as the space is way too tight (do have wood there).

    Also--love the fancy headers. Did you create the Random Friday button? Did you know that Picnik is going away in April? I so sad.

  3. What's a library without at least one cranky librarian?

  4. Your response was wonderfully calm! Good for you. We are spending spring break pulling up the gross carpet under our dining room table. It was there when we bought the house and soon it will be gone, gone, gone.

    Happy Dr. Seuss day to you.

  5. I always have that many books/movies checked out from the library as well :) I really need to get back to LK Hamilton's series myself. Although I'm only like 3 or 4 books in. But it has been awhile! Hope that you have a great weekend!


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