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Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Kiss, Dark Magic, Not Friday

April 25. She's never seen a sprinkler before today.
  • Whoops! I'm all off on my days of the week.
  • Trip details to come in list form next week, Monday, probably.
  • No word yet on the perfect job, not even a call for an interview. I'll call them Monday to express my interest again. Advice for that conversation is welcome!
  • I am SO ready for consistent warm weather. On Wednesday it was 82 and the landscaping company tested our sprinklers. We never actually SEE the sprinklers, they always run in the middle of the night, so the kids were thrilled. This was the Princess's first time to play in one. It's green here, flowers are blooming, but this weekend is cold and rainy.
  • I'm fighting the urge to load my kids up and take them to the thrift store this morning. That never ends well.
  • If you are part of a couple, do you celebrate or acknowledge small anniversaries? I think this is perhaps easier with a long distance relationship, as you can easily figure out dates if you only saw each other 3 times in 12 months. Anyway, we just celebrated (and by that I mean we said, Hey! Did you know today was...?) our first kiss. It's ok, you can laugh now. 
  • The Pirate is obsessed with Harry Potter, among other things. He was recently reading the insert from a movie and found an ad for The Elder Wand. He begged and begged and we kept saying no. Finally he said, "I PROMISE, if you get it for me, I won't hurt [the Bug] with magic! I'll only do NICE magic!" Oh, so you think you're not getting it because we think you're a Slytherin?
  • Side note, if you want to buy your own wand, and you're looking for one cheaper than the Elder Wand, and you search Amazon for "Magic Wand", you're not going to get wands from Harry Potter.

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    1. We do sort of celebrate the anniversary of our first date and I'd hate to tell you how long ago that was. The weather is all over the place down here too.

    2. We acknowledge our first date (which is also our first kiss.. ), too. Which was 23 years ago from a few days from now. Aww.

      But wait!! You can MAKE your own wizard (or witch) wand!! I did that with my girls many, many years ago. We used a chop stick as the wand part and a slightly larger in diameter wooden dowel for the handle.
      + Cut the dowel to the size of a handle.. maybe 5" long?
      + Drill a hole in one end of the handle, about 1" deep to fit the chopstick.
      + Find a feather, fluff of cat or dog fur, a cat whisker (we find these in our house sometimes.. I do not recommend plucking one from your cat!), or whatever other "magical" object your little wizard or witch thinks of. Stuff this treasure into the hole of the handle.
      + Use wood glue to glue the chopstick into the hole of the dowel. Let dry.
      + Paint the wand to your liking. We used shades of brown and black to make ours look like Potter wands. Let dry.
      + Let the magic begin!

      I should post this... ; )

    3. Cutest picture of The Princess!! And I love that Pirate is obsessed with Harry Potter. ;)

    4. We hardly even acknowledge our anniversary anymore. Just no money and very little time. I am okay with it.

    5. It never goes well when I take my little ones to the thrift store. Never. But I swear that it always seems like a good idea at the time :)

    6. Aww her smile is adorable!!! I can't wait until the pool opens here and I can take my little guy swimming. We don't have sprinklers here :(


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