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Friday, May 11, 2012

Maureen Johnson, Pinterest, Dallas

May 6. He bought Lincoln Logs with his birthday money.

  • The Bug picked out Lincoln Logs with his birthday money. He's such a little builder.
  • Do you see the wrinkles in my rug in that picture? Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the rug from wrinkling? It's driving me insane. I've tried to weight it down with the furniture, but no dice.
  • Maureen Johnson talks about photoshop and advertising. "Altering the image creates something truly and profoundly OTHER. It creates the unattainable, which means you have the endless carrot and stick."
  • This is an absolutely wonderful post on Motherhood. Seriously. Especially if you've struggled in those first few months.
  • I love Pinterest, I really do, but I'm starting to wonder just where all these crafters are getting all their pretty thrifted wool sweaters (my thrift store has a nice selection of pilly acrylic ones) and decent used furniture. At some point there's going to be more play kitchens made from bedside tables than there are bedside tables.
  • On Tuesday I had coffee with a new friend. It was terrific. I can't wait to do it again.
  • Trish and Andi are agitating for me to drive through Dallas on my way from Alabama to South Dakota later this summer. This is only possible if I find a place to spend the night in the middle of Kansas, or southern Nebraska. Suggestions?
  • I did not get the perfect job. I was very confident that I would when I applied. I'm pretty bummed. However, I'm now suspending the search for the perfect part time job until after the summer.
What I Read This Week (and other Bookish Thoughts):


  1. Did your library ever get the new Patricia Briggs? I can't remember seeing you reading it, but maybe I just forget...

  2. Your carpet needs to be professionally stretched. Mine is the same right now. They come in, stretch it out and then re-tac it down.

  3. Sorry you didn't get the job. I'm sure the right job will turn up soon.

  4. I'll be curious what you think of the Digital Mom book. My thoughts is that to run a successful blog you have to put in A LOT of time. Like I could see putting in as many or more hours as a full time job. How does one do all of that with kids at home?! I'm asking because I wish I could figure that part out.

  5. Hoping you can figure out your travel plans and come party with Trish and myself. AND I hope you like OUTLANDER!

  6. Oh man, I totally understand w/ Outlander. I read the first book but don't think I'll be reading any more. I had a love/hate relationship with it when I was reading it so yeah. Lincoln logs, how cool! I hope my little guy likes those too. Although right now he's more of a destroyer than a builder :) Oh man, that's too bad about the job. I totally understand. Here's hoping that there's an even more perfect job out there for you.


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