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Friday, June 08, 2012

Lego, sewing, water balloons

  • Today is the last day of Armchair BEA. I'm enjoying the posts but finding I'm not passionate enough about the daily topics to blog myself.
  • So instead I blogged about the Lego table we built yesterday.
  • I just bought wire and beads for a little jewelry making experiment. I need more hobbies.
  • I did a little sewing this week. I made myself a brand new summer bag. The inside is the same plaid as the letters. It's a knock off of this Old Navy one. I even have grommets, but I have decided not to put them on.New summer tote bag
  • Then I made the Princess a little bubble skirt. I wish I'd done the bottom layer slightly shorter. I also wish I had the patience to take her someplace clean and nice to take decent pictures. Also, she struggles with tank tops like this, takes her arms out all the time.Tiered bubble skirt
  • And last, I made a banner. This one is really terrific, the dots made great lettering. I see now that I should have ironed that before taking pictures. The pink part would have looked so much better ironed. (ditto that bit about pictures.)Noelle banner
  • I really miss sewing. I wish I had space to leave it all out full time. I'd love to finish the Princess's quilt before she turns two, plus the I-Spy I started years ago before they outgrow the idea.
  • Yesterday I spent 30 minutes at the sink filling water balloons while the boys ran them outside one at a time. I see more of that in my future.
What I read this week:

  • The Standby Stephen King. I'm way behind in the Standalong, but I'm having a lot of fun taking the book on it's own private Instagram tour. I decided that add to Trish's fun by making it another summer project.

  • Key of Knowledgeby Nora Roberts. Book two in the trilogy. I like this one more than book one.

  • The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, Book 2)by Nora Roberts. I read this one in one sitting last night, more or less. I have some things to say about it, so I might have to write an actual book review.


  1. Love that bag. Love the skirt, too.

    Forget the water balloons. Takes too much time. Buy some cheap sponges, give them a bucket of water and they can just hurl wet sponges at each other. So much easier.

  2. Hi Lisa! I've missed you! I'm so grateful for keeping tabs on you through instagram, but my blog hopping has been extremely lacking lately.

    Princess is so stinkin' cute. Awesome job on the LEGO table, too!
    xo Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your bunting!

    Legos are amazing. So are water balloons. And instagram.

    Fab fun post!

  4. About three days before Miss H's graduation, I thought "I should have had Lisa make a banner!" Love your new bag - what fun to be able to make yourself such cute things.

  5. The skirt is adorable! Can't you just pin it up a bit and then you'll be able to take down when she's bigger?

  6. I love the purse you made Lisa!! Too cute! My kids love doing water balloons as well but I hate having to try and find the broken pieces of balloon later. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the key trilogy! And is the other trilogy that you are reading by Nora Roberts pretty good?? I finished Blue Dahlia by her and although I liked it I definitely didn't love it.


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