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Thursday, June 07, 2012

How to make a cheap Lego table


The boys are crazy about Lego. I am also crazy about Lego, but not quite in the same way. I am, like every other parent, sick of picking them up, of moving them off the table, of stepping on them! I have been coveting all the fancy Lego tables I see on Pinterest and Amazon, but it's just not in our budget these days. (Plus, they're all so small!) I've been dreaming up all kinds of solutions, none of which work. I bought a washing machine pan recently, but the boys didn't like the height of the lip and it was too awkward for them to move on their own (you can see the corner of it under the table. It's about 30x30). I've been obsessively checking the local Facebook yard sale group and the thrift store for a cheap table and today we finally scored this beauty:

Thrift store table for fifty cents

Ok, so it wasn't a lot to look at, but it's big (31x40) and it was only $.50. That's half a dollar. We stopped by our favorite hardware store and picked up some trim pieces and a can of blue spray paint. (I might add, we get a terrific discount at the hardware store, so this was also very cheap.) This is what the trim looks like. Mike tells me this is called "cove" and is used for inside corners and along the ceiling.

Trim pieces

I used a hacksaw to cut it to size. It could be done much better with some kind of electric saw, but I was in a hurry. If you cared, you could make pretty mitered corners. I didn't care. Then the Pirate and I nailed it down on all four sides to make a lip to help contain the Lego.

T helps me nail trim onto the table

Next we spray painted it a bright blue color. Ideally, we'd put two coats on, but it was very windy and we used the entire can on our first coat. I decided I didn't really care, since it'll be covered in Lego anyway.

N helps spray paint the Lego table

Finally, we ended up with a table that looks like this. The washing machine pan slides neatly underneath. We have two of the big base plates, but the table has room for 9 of them, so I'll be watching for a good deal on Ebay. I won't attach the ones we have until I can do all 9. I don't expect that this will actually completely contain the Lego, but I have hopes that it will at least help.

Homemade Lego table

Our total cost? About $9 and we have most of a box of nails left over. Without the nails, about $5. Your cost would be slightly more, without the crazy hardware store discount, but still way less expensive than a real Lego table.


  1. I did the same thing when Thomas the Tank was popular. I found a table and turned it into a train table for just a few bucks, whereas those train tables were $150-$299 (unheard of!)

    Lego stuff is so expensive too.

  2. Great idea! Wish I would have thought of this when my boys were playing with LEGOs all of the time. We still have three huge bins of them I just have to keep for grandkids. Maybe when it's time to pull them out again, I'll have to do a table like this myself.

  3. That's awesome!!!! Such a great idea! :)

  4. You are amazing! If I ever have boys, I'll remember this.

  5. I Just bough some wood and built mine from scratch for my sons birthday he will be 4 its amazing and has a drawer under it with a 3 inch hole through the middle of the table to scoop legos into the drawer he will love it.


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