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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Picturing Pierre: Prairie Pages (Where in the World are you Reading?)

Picturing Pierre, take two

This week is my turn to post my local bookstore in the Where in the World are you Reading? meme hosted by Trish, Kailana, and myself. I live in a very small town in the middle-of-nowhere, Pierre, SD. (Yes, it's the state capital, but it's very small and no where near an interstate or big city.) In Pierre, we have one bookstore- Prairie Pages.

Prairie Pages bookstore

Prairie Pages is located in Historic Downtown Pierre, in a small, narrow space. Their front windows are papered with posters for local events and new books, and in the back room they have local authors and items.
Prairie Pages Bookstore
As you enter the store there is a small table with new releases and best sellers, and there are small nooks for non-fiction like cookbooks and travel.

Prairie Pages bookstore
After you pass the service counter you reach the fiction section, which is roughly 6 sections of shelving wide- this is it, plus two more angled sections.

Kids books at Prairie Pages bookstore
Then you're on to the kids sections, with picture books.

Prairie Pages bookstore
and baby books and gifts.

YA section at Prairies Pages Bpokstore
You walk up a couple little steps into a comfy living room style room for teen and young adults. I love the little beaded curtain that sets it off from the rest. I think the kids and young adult sections are the best parts of this little store.

Prairie Pages bookstore
Turning around on the step up to YA, this is the entire store (minus YA), from back to front. I admit, I don't spend a lot of money there, but it's more because I don't buy books than because of the quality of the bookstore. It's a charming little store, full of gifts and nice books.

What is your local bookstore like? Have you linked up with us yet? (Go here to do so!)


  1. I just googled Pierre and it's smaller than the suburb we live in. I had no idea! Prairie Pages looks charming!

  2. This looks like a great place to visit!! I enjoyed 'visiting'. :)

  3. Really looks like an excellent bookstore for a smaller town. Very lucky to have it.

  4. It's cute! I'll trade you for mine. :-D

  5. Looks like a very cozy and welcoming bookstore. Thanks for sharing. :)
    I like the pic with the back of Princess' head best. She's so darling.

  6. Looks like princess really wants a pony! Where's Waldo must be a thing now because my bookstore is participating also. (anniversary right?). Even though the store is small it's still charming.

  7. It's a charming little store, I agree with you! :)

    Here you can find my post



  8. What a great little store! I especially like that entrance to the teen/YA area.


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