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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I love this post

  • Starbucks and other NYC businesses helping out after Sandy.
  • J. K. Rowling on government aid.
  • This terrific post and book review on slowing down our children's lives. We aren't Jewish, but I'm thinking I might have to incorporate some of this ritual into our lives.  And I'm adding the book to my list for next year. 
  • Hey look at the kids read! Young adults more likely than the over 30 crowd to read a book!  I have to admit to feeling all smug for being in the reading generation- until I remembered that I was over 30.
  • Terrific interview with Veronica Roth, author of Divergent.


  1. Yeah, we aren't exactly spring chickens anymore. Although, you are younger than me so you aren't ancient quite yet . . .

    Thanks for the links! I really like the article about slowing down children's lives too and am glad you shared it with us!

  2. If you read the book about slowing down, be sure to report back how it goes. I'm feeling the needs to slowing down but it can be daunting when there's so much going on...

  3. I'ts too late for me to read all those links but I love this post so much I'm going to come back tomorrow and check them out. I overheard teens discussing how much easier it is to read an actual book book instead of a book on a devise. That made my day.

  4. When my kids were young they were each allowed to do 2 extra ciricular activites. This was two fold, it gave them the downtime they needed and kept my life somewhat sane. You have to remember that with multiple kids it can become crazy quickly. I had 4 kids which meant I had 8 extra curricular activities to get involved with even though each kid had only 2. It was a crazy time and fun while it lasted.

    As an after though, it the boys pick soccer, which mine did, this means practices and games for each. 3 boys practice 2x a week plus games on weekends.

    You have good times ahead but be forewarned with 3 you do not want to overcommit yourself.


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