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Friday, October 19, 2012

Windstorms and mammograms

October. Now that's a good big brother.

  • We have been under a Wind Advisory for the last two days. Winds have been 50+mph sustained with gusts up to 75mph. It is nearly impossible to breathe if you are facing into the wind, and it will literally stop you in your tracks. (I mean that literally, not just saying literally.)
  • I did not do Random Friday last week, and not one person noticed.  I blame this on the Readathon, which I did not participate in. I find that if you don't participate in big blog events that not only do you not get the visits from the participants, that all traffic stops for a few days after. I suspect it's because everyone's readers get overloaded and they have to work through all those posts. It's remarkably like being punished for not participating.
  • I blogged about the Princess's new quilt and my new purse this week, both of which I'm proud of.  It has recently been brought to my attention that people don't enjoy sewing posts (in general, not specifically here) so that likely explains the lack of comments.
  • Wow, I'm just negative here today, aren't I?
  • To be positive- last week I had a health scare. During a routine doctor visit my brand new doctor discovered a lump in my breast. She got me in for an ultrasound and mammogram the very next day, so I only had to worry for about 30 hours, but it was a scary 30 hours. It turned out to be a harmless cyst and now I have my baseline mammogram out of the way, but it could have been much scarier.
  • I totally failed to hold up my end of the Where in the World are you Reading? meme this month- I was supposed to post yesterday. My pictures are loaded and queued up for tomorrow, hopefully you'll forgive me.
  • It's the time of year where I start thinking about what books I absolutely have to read before the end of the year. This year, the list is HUGE. I'm working on writing that up for Monday. I'm sure you can't wait.

What I Read The Last Two Weeks:


  1. I was meh on the last Sherman Alexie I read too. I love sewing posts! Whoever said that has her stitches crooked. (What?)

  2. I'm glad you got good news on the mammogram front!

  3. So glad all was well at the doctor. That IS scary!

    I like your sewing posts! I like to see what goodies you might be coming up with for your shop ;)

  4. Love the sewing posts. Why your blog is perfect. Books, sewing, kids. What more could you ask for. Have been too busy with work, kids, life lately to read blogs. It will slow down eventually.

  5. So glad the health scare didn't materialize into anything serious! It's tough to stay in the blogging swing of things sometimes. Don't get too caught up in the #'s. It's your blog - just do what works for you and your schedule. I, for one, am super-excited to read about your bookish priorities for the rest of the year, but I'm nosy like that about people's reading habits ;)

  6. Glad your boobies are okay. I have a mammogram scheduled for 11/1. It is like my fourth because when I stopped breastfeeding, I lactated for like 3 years later even though I had totally stopped. Turns out, my allergy nose spray was the culprit but they thought something else. Now though, I go every year for the test.

  7. Glad to hear your scare was just a scare and not something more serious. Been there. It's a good idea to get into the habit of doing self breast exams, too, so you can detect changes in your breast tissue. I have a post about it on my blog Oct. 2011 archives.

    I love your sewing posts, too! It's your blog--post about whatever YOU want to!

    Hold onto your hats! :)

  8. Whoever said that about sewing posts did have a thread loose!

    There is usually a lull in the posts after a readathon....and I've participated once as a cheerleader. I have two young kids and while I'd love to read for 24 hours, it's not happening yet! and I still have my lovely loyal readers, so just remember it's not a contest, and people who like your blog will be there. :-)

    Glad you are ok, too, that is a relief for you and your family!

  9. Glad to hear that you only had a cyst. One family health scare for the year is enough!

  10. The purple bag you made is adorable and awesome!! I love your sewing posts. What with your stuff and I have another friend who sews, I am really wanting to get into it. My husband just rolls his eyes though...says I should finish some of my knitting projects first. He does have a bit of a point. So glad to hear that the cyst wasn't something more. How scary!!! I haven't participated in 24 read-a-thin in a long long time....or the book bloggers appreciation thing either. Not that I don't appreciate them or like reading the posts....I just don't have time.


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