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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cabin Creek Coffee in the Pierre Mall (#wwread)

Picturing Pierre, take two

I was really looking forward to this month's entry in Where in the World Are You Reading?, the monthly meme hosted by Trish, Kailana, and myself. This month's theme is "coffee shop or cafe" and I just really couldn't wait to take myself to a coffee shop alone and spend an hour in quiet reading bliss. Pierre only has two coffee shops. We don't have a Starbucks or a Caribou Coffee or even a Dunkin' Donuts.  There's Pier 347 downtown, and it's sister store Cabin Creek Coffee in the Pierre Mall.
Coffee shop in the Pierre mall
The mall location is fairly new, it didn't open until last winter, after the big Christmas rush. It's not a very busy store, in fact I've only ever seen one other customer there. They have a display case of cheesecake and muffins and all the typical coffee selections.  There are only a handful of tables and the boys chose this one by the fireplace. I've only ever met one employee here, a nice friendly older woman (by which I mean, not a hip young 20 something like the other coffee shop). As a bonus, after 5 of the same type of drink, you get one free!
Fireplace in coffee shop
Sadly, for my reading plans, I ended up putting it off until the last minute and then taking the boys with me to the coffee shop. Not a scenario for quiet reading bliss. We headed up after school on Thursday without the Princess and I treated us all to coffee and we split a muffin. (The boys had flavored steamed milk.) Since it seemed unlikely that I was going to get any reading done, I let the Pirate demonstrate the readability of the coffee shop for me.

The pirate reads to me on the Nook

He was thrilled to read on the Nook and managed to get in all his reading time while the Bug ran in circles around us.

Have you posted about your local cafe or coffee shop? There are already quite a few places I'd love to go visit. Be sure to link yours up over at Love, Laughter, and Insanity.


  1. This makes me want to head to our local coffee shop, Cup of Joe's, and read for an hour. The trick would be sneaking out the door without Groovy Girl begging to join me and then my quiet reading time would be non-existent also. I like this meme...first time I've paid attention to it.

  2. Ah, The Pirate looks so cute having his muffin and reading on the Nook - he looks so grown up!

  3. Love it! Man, maybe I should move there and open a coffee shop. I <3 coffeeshops!! I think Pirate looks so grown up too.

  4. So sweet. I adore this photo of Pirate. Just darling.

    I would so meet you at this coffee shop by the fireplace to sip and chat. :)

  5. This post makes me smile. I love that Pirate is so willing to model for you. And steamed milk actually sounds pretty tasty.


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