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Friday, November 09, 2012

Quiltalong, Twitter, personal space.

They have no concept of personal space.

  • So Trish managed to someone con me into leading a very informal quiltalong. Please consider joining us. There are no rules, no time frame, no pressure, no nothing. Just fun to all chat about it together. We're using #hexchat on twitter and there's a flickr group. The basic tutorial is here, and I'll write up a couple more posts soon. There's nothing original here, you can google and find it all, but it's fun to do with friends.
  • Speaking of Twitter- did you know that if you @reply to someone, that only people who follow both of you will be able to see that in their feed? So if you're talking about something you'd like your other followers to see, you could precede the @ with a period or a word? 
  • This has been a very long couple of weeks at our house. Mike had inventory this week and worked more hours than he didn't.  Stress and tension was high. Fortunately, I had kids and cats to "keep me company." If you look hard you can see the Bug's head in the background there. Also, my cats hate each other, this is as close to each other as they are willing to get, and only with me between them.
What I Read This Week:


  1. What did you think about And Then He Kissed Her? I've been in the mood for romance lately so I want to hear your opinion on that one! It sounds like you've had a long week. Hopefully you get lots of relaxation this weekend!

  2. Ah, our kitties love each other (of course they are brother and sister) and we get such a kick out of watching them play and snuggle together. Glad you survived your stressful week!


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