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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hexagon Organization and Storage

Since I seem to be leading an informal hexagon quiltalong, I thought you might be interested in seeing how I organize my hexes.  Putting them in plastic baggies is too messy, and it hurt my senses to just throw them in a loose pile in a basket. I have shoebox sized rubbermaid boxes for the rainbow quilt when they are sewn together, but what to do with them while they are loose? The pink and gray hexagon quilt won't be sewn into flowers as I go (since it's not flowers!) so I need a way to store them.  A lot of people on the internet use these handy clear boxes both for storage and for work in progress.

I don't have any of those boxes, and I try really hard not to spend money on stuff that I can make do without.  Since I have more than one hex project going, I need a way to keep them apart as well. If I'm working on hexes at home I use this largish basket to hold all my stuff. It has a little bowl for papers, scissors, thread, needles, and my travel pouch (when it's not traveling.)

Hexagons in progress

I throw my completed into this little hexagon shaped basket before I iron them.

Anyone else with hexes to show off tonight? #hexchat

For the completed hexes, I wanted them to be kept neatly contained without purchasing anything. I have been saving the cute little cardboard boxes from Birchbox and they turn out to be the perfect size.  I used the cardboard from a cereal box and carefully cut dividers, and then taped them into place. These work perfectly!

Hexagons in a birchbox
(Fun challenge, how many hexes do you think are in that box? Answer in the comments.)

They are identical on the outside, so I need to find a cute way to designate each one at a glance.  (Yes, I could just write on them, but that's no fun.) The problem is that I am quickly outgrowing my little birchboxes and I'm going to need to find a larger solution. I think this picture is stunning, I wonder where one finds that tray?

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

There are a lot of different way of storing them, and looking through flickr and pinterest will certainly give you ideas. I'd love to see how you are storing yours, both in progress and as they wait to be combined into a quilt. Feel free to write your own post, or just chat about it on twitter (#hexchat).

If you're new here and are interested in joining the (very very informal!) quiltalong, you can jump in at any time. The tutorial for basting the hexagons can be found here. Our flickr group can be found here. As soon as I have a chance to write it up I'll show you how I join them into flowers (though you can also find this information by googling!)


  1. Did you guess how many hexes were in the box? There are 165 of them. How close were you?

  2. I knew there would be over a hundred, but didn't pick an actual number.

    Right now I'm just storing mine in some A4 (closer to letter) size envelopes once they're ironed. Mine is going to be random, so my plan once they are all done, is to toss everything into a big basket I have and just pull them out of there as randomly as possible.

  3. Oh wow. Look at the box of rainbow hexes! SO PRETTY!

  4. Lisa, these posts are immensely helpful to me. Thanks for getting me going on something that I love so much but had forgotten!

  5. Hmmm. I wonder what that container is. Come visit me and we'll go to Hobby Lobby. :)

    Also, I'm guessing 150. Oh wait--you told us! Boo.


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