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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lisa's Christmas Wishlist

Mike and I aren't going all out on gifts this year. We haven't talked about it, but we have so pretty big monetary challenges coming up, and buying gifts for each other seems like an easy thing to cut out. Regardless, I made a list of what I would want, of course I did. Feel free to send me anything on the list.

What is on your wishlist? Are you anticipating something terrific under your tree? Are you taking it easy this year too?


  1. Carl is working 2 jobs and has no time to shop so I don't think there will be anything for me under the tree this year. That's okay because I can't think of much that I want. I hope Santa reads your blog!

  2. Love your choices!!! I've put in a request for some perfume and some shoes. Stuff I have a hard time buying for myself, basically. And books are always good, of course. ;)

  3. That book looks fascinating. . .time to request it!

  4. I'm ordering this family tree for my in-laws:

    I suppose I should wait until after the holidays to order my own.

  5. I asked for a salt bowl one year and got a really nice one and from there on out, there was salt, forever on my counters.

  6. I actually made a list this year! I get asked to make one every year, but never bother. Not sure why this year is different. Maybe because I want something I can actually use?

    Those slippers look really comfy!

  7. What a great list! I wish I could buy you everything on it!

  8. The slippers look extra cozy and I love the family tree print. The new scent, Forever Red is wonderful and I am hoping that Santa will leave me some too.
    We are not going all out this year either. Keeping it simple and fun.


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