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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Virtual Advent Reading Escape (#wwread)

I'm so excited that it's my turn on the Virtual Advent Tour that I'm taking this chance to write one post for both the Advent tour and Where in the World are you Reading?!

For this month's theme on Where in the World are you Reading? we are asking you about your Holiday Reading Escapes.  If my life this month is any indication, everyone is running around like crazy in December. I personally have a thousand balls in the air, as you may have noticed by the dearth of blog posts lately.   This doesn't mean that I don't have a million books sitting here to be read tho. So in between the Christmas sewing:

Christmas sewing in progress.

and replacing the ornaments on the tree, and the mall shop hours, and the kid shuttling and the biopsy waiting and the secret stuff I can't tell you, I've been eyeing a few Christmas books.  Last year the lovely and beautiful Christine sent me these Christmas e-book novellas, which I am totally going to finish this year. (I read a couple last winter, but didn't get to them all.)

Holiday Kisses: A Rare Gift\Mistletoe and Margaritas\It's Not Christmas Without You\This Time Next Year

I picked up this one at the library, and what a cute cover and plot it has!

Together for Christmas

Then on the day we left town for the Bug's biopsy (no word yet!) the UPS man stopped me as we were literally climbing in the car to deliver a package from Grand Central Publishing containing two more Christmas romances and two more e-book novels, one of which is this one that I am super excited about (you know I'm a total Shalvis fan girl):

Under the Mistletoe

The two print books are:
Last Chance Christmas
Hunk for the Holidays

With all these great choices, one day soon I'm determined to crash out on the couch with a couple of these and ignore all the rest of my obligations. I'd love to spend a couple hours thinking of nothing else. If you have any interest in the Grand Central Publishing titles, be sure to check back on Saturday, when I'll be hosting a giveaway! (I'll put a link here too.)

Meanwhile, what does your Christmas Reading Escape look like? Do you enjoy Christmas themed books? Are you already sick of the Christmas spirit? (If you are, you probably haven't read this far down this post!)  Do you enjoy a nice glass of spiked egg nog with your books? Post about it, and then link up here!


  1. I love Christmas-themed books and always look to add new ones to my collection of re-reads. A Child's Christmas in Wales. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Connie Willis' collection of short stories. Let It Snow.

  2. Bah Humbug! Ok not really but I'm not a big Christmas book reader. I've read several over the years but this year it'll just be Bleak House. I don't think there are any Christmas scenes in the book. Hmmm...will have to get creative for this month! You'll text me when you have the bug's results right??

  3. I wasn't really a holiday reader until a couple of years ago. Now I seem to be seeking out holiday romances in particular.

    I should do a post for #wwreading too. Might try to do it over the weekend.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am the worst for plans to read holiday books and then not actually do so... It is more a tradition than the actual reading of them!

  5. I am the worst for plans to read holiday books and then not actually do so... It is more a tradition than the actual reading of them!

  6. I don't have any holiday reading plans, nor special Christmas books I read at Christmas. I plan every year on reading, reading, reading, and then take a day after Christmas for picking out one of my new books to read, for the whole day. That's like a present in itself! lol

    Love the post, and I hope you enjoy all the books you have lined up to read. Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. I don't usually read Christmas themed books - though I do everything else Christmassy - but I'm going to try a few this year, starting with Miracle & Other Stories by Connie Willis.

  8. As you know, I adore Christmas themed romances this time of year--especially novellas. They do the trick to bring me some holiday cheer and relaxation and they're short enough for me to actually finish in just a couple of nights. :)


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