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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Enough with the Top Ten Books of 2012 Lists!

I have gone on a book requesting binge after reading so many "Best Of" lists. It's entirely possible that I have way more books than I can handle coming in from the library and from NetGalley.  I had finally worked my library stack down to a reasonable number (under a dozen!) and now? Oh man. I have no idea how I'm gonna manage this. All but three of the books on this list have a mile long waiting list, or are Inter-Library Loans, or are from NetGalley.
And really, I could return those three and then only have 13 books to deal with (which I still wouldn't get done!), except this isn't all of them. I have more hold requests. I have more NetGalley requests that are pending. I have at least a dozen OTHER books that looked interesting so I checked them out.  I may have downloaded Les Miserables to my Nook. While it's completely true that my reading eyes are bigger than my reading time, this time, I blame YOU.


  1. My reading eyes are bigger than my reading time too. Good luck!

  2. I feel ya! Lol - I've had to stop reading those lists - it's so tempting to try and read all those books at the same time!

    Tanya Patrice

  3. TOTALLY having the same problem.

  4. I've had to avert my eyes from the best of lists! My goal for January is to finish the handful of books I started before the holidays and tie up any loose ends. There are a couple of library book requests that have come rolling in, however, that are vying for my attention.

  5. Good luck with all the lists! Lots of good looking books there. :)

  6. Yes, yes, yes! This is so me!! I've been planning out my next library trip to accommodate all of the books that I've been adding to my TBR list. I love all of these lists even if it kills my self control :) Happy reading!

  7. But Mom100 doesn't REALLY count as a book does it? Reminds me that I still haven't really dived into Dinner: A Love Story. Maybe I'll just take a reading break until Feb 1 (The Shining starts then) and just read cookbooks in bed...

  8. Ooh ooh! So many good books. I'm in a bit of an "up to my neck" situation with my books, too.

  9. I would totally want to read ALL of those books, too. Although I have read Mom100. It was good, but I really could have used that book 10 years ago, not now. LOL!

    I REALLY want to read Code Name Verity and Gone Girl (to see if the hype is true) and also Eleanor & Park but that's not even out yet, so I'm not stressing over it yet.

    Oh and Les Mis too.. but I have to finish Anna Karenina first.

    Good luck!


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