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Friday, January 11, 2013

Art, Technical Difficulties.

Art project with Noah. (He picked the colors.). I used watercolor pencils, very cool.

  • The Bug and I embarked on a little art project this week. I saw this pinned on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to do, so we sat down with colored pencils and spent a lovely hour coloring.
  • I missed last Friday's Random Friday because I went to Rapid City for my sister-in-law Anna's father's funeral. While I didn't know Tony well, Anna is one of my favorite people on earth. I'm so glad I went.
  • But. I was so looking forward to six hours alone (round trip) in my car. I was going to listen to The Night Circus on audio. First I downloaded it to my computer, but could NOT get all the parts to transfer to my phone. So I went to library and checked out the CDs. I listened to, and enjoyed, the first disc and then my car refused to give it back so I could listen to disc two! Nope, no dice, nothing doing. So I listened to AM radio and NPR the rest of the trip. (Out in the boonies of South Dakota there aren't a lot of radio options.)
  • The next day my car gave it back. Thanks a lot, car.
  • I've done the math on the pink and gray hexagon quilt. I have to do 8 hexes a day in order to finish making the hexes by the end of the year. 225 a month. That seems doable, right? 
  • Mike's new job is going well, thank you all for the good wishes. He's having some problem adjusting to all that time off. Tough life.
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    1. Love the art project. Watercolor pencils?? Love them.

    2. Wow, it's as if you weren't supposed listen to The Night Circus just then. How weirs is that? I love your art project. My sister and I would do similar ones when we were little by swirling all over a page and then every segment we'd color a different.t color. There's something therapeutic about coloring.

    3. Glad to hear Mike's job is going well. No radio station to listen to is the norm here. It is nice that you made the trip.

    4. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Too Wicked To Wed which I really, really enjoyed when I read it. I need to find the time to read the 2nd book soon. I've seen The Night Circus on so many people's top reads list that I can't wait to read it myself! Enjoy!

    5. Hmmm--last summer one of the audio companies was offering free downloads each week--a new YA book paired with a classic. I failed to download Anna Dressed in Blood and now kind of wish I had. Even though I'm still not convinced it's my thing.

      I love that art work. Wish I could get my daughter to sit down for more than 5 minutes to do ANYTHING. I blame my ADHD husband for that. :)

      Glad Mike's job is going well so far. Give him a honey-do for all his extra time.

    6. That quilt sounds wonderful. My goal is to have an easy quilt made for the baby.

      You're quite the reader! I haven't been able to read as much as I usually do for some reason.


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