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Monday, November 11, 2013

Introducing Sirius Black

A few short weeks ago my sweet old lady cat Bijou passed away. She was nearly 19 and while it was very sad, it wasn't unexpected.

She was so pretty.

It was only a very short time before Mike and I were talking about kittens. Last weekend, I snuck away to meet one, and brought him home to surprise the kids.


Meet Sirius Black.

He is every kind of kitten stereotype there ever was. He climbs legs. He attacks anything that moves and most things that don't. He insists on trying to get your food, any food. ("Oh, were you eating that?") He attacks your ankles and chases his tail. He is absolutely adorable and fearless and we all love him, even the dog. The dog has been begging him to play all week and last night he finally got brave enough. Scout is every kind of submissive, and mostly tries not to meet his eye or even really touch him. She whines at him to tempt him into playing.

Ok, that's not true. The old lady cat is still very very angry. We are keeping Sirius in the living room at night and when we aren't home to give her a little time to get used to him. She hasn't beat him up yet, but I'm sure his time will come. Meanwhile the rest of us think he's pretty great.

Even when he gets in your face.

The bug is madly in love.




  1. He is just SO darn cute! And I adore the name oh so much :) You are making me want a kitty of my own!

  2. Gracious - what a difference between a 19yo cat and a tiny kitten! I'll bet you are all smitten.

  3. That cat is trouble! LOL. I can see it in his stance.


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