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Friday, May 08, 2015

Five Random things on Friday

And you thought I'd stopped doing Random Friday!

1. I'm fascinated by the idea that your morning routine is a factor in your success. This has come up over and over in blogs I read and podcasts I listen to, and I've begun to requesting library books and seek out more podcasts on the topic. A partial list of what I'm hoping to eventually read: What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, The Miracle Morning, Daily Rituals.

2. Another idea from a podcast, and this is very loosely paraphrased so I am not linking, is that nutritionally poor food does not signal that you are full to your body, precisely because it does not have the nutrients that your body is seeking for that signal. Therefore you continue to feel hungry and you eat more and more to fill that hunger. This makes a ton of sense to me, esp after completing the Sugar Reset.  My family is moving more and more in the whole foods direction (but not all organic, because I live in South Dakota and "fresh" is hard enough!)

3. We have a new flower bed where there was wasted space before. This is the first time in my life that it's been me job to fill a bed and not just maintain someone else's. I threw myself on the mercy of the greenhouse lady and came home with a box of perennials that I hope will flourish- if my dog would stop lying in them. (I got: this weird curly thing, purple salvia, coral bells and pink phlox.)

4. The boat and the camper have been tuned up and small repairs made. We are READY for summer! Now if the weather would cooperate. I have every other Friday off this summer, starting May 15th.. That is a lot of boating and camping. I Can. Not. Wait.

5. We have started taking a family "hike" on Sundays. (It's pretty flat here, it's mostly a family walk in the woods.) It's lovely and calming and so far everyone is enjoying it.

See the white line on the tree? That's the water line from the flood in 2011.


  1. Now I'm curious about the morning routine idea. Your family is adorable!

  2. Look! I remembered to stop by! Take that feedly. :P

    Love Princess waving in that picture.

    Holy water line! And was that flood that long ago? Seems like just last year. This is the first time in YEARS that all of our lakes are finally full after being in drought conditions. Normally I'm all "rain please!" but now I'm looking at the 10 day forecast hoping for just one sunny day.

    I do think morning routine makes a huge difference. I wish our mornings weren't quite so frantic...though I can't seem to make myself get up earlier.

  3. I love the family hike Sunday idea! I've been wanting to do more fun stuff and be more active and that way I can combine both. I'll have to add that in.

  4. I'm very much a morning person, so I love the morning routine idea. Sweet pictures of your family on the walk. Wow, the water line. Trish is right. We've had lots of rain, which is good, but the next 10 days. Sigh. Please just a little bit of sun. Your every other week off on Friday sounds wonderful. Have a good weekend!!


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