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Friday, October 02, 2015

Five Things I'd like to have.

1. This running vest looks perfect for cool days. I don't love running in a jacket, but on rainy days like today it'd be nice to keep partially dry.

2. I kinda want these for my race. Slightly ridiculous, but fun. Too bad my race is TWO DAYS AWAY.

3. Hexagon Earrings!

4. Modern Mrs. Darcy posted again about her personal uniform. I have a ton of clothes but sometimes I dream of an all interchangeable wardrobe.  I'd start with one of these in every color and some slim black pants with a scarf or a long necklace. I'd have to buy all of that, but whatever.

5. Stadium/picnic blankets. Tristan is playing football this fall and it's freezing on the sidelines.  I'd like two or three of these water and wind resistant fleece blankets to wrap up in.

I'm a bit worried about myself, it took me all week to find five things. I wonder if I'm not getting enough sleep or something because seriously, how hard is it to find FIVE things I want?? (Tho if I'm honest, I could have easily listed five RUNNING things.)


  1. Well, I can think of 5 things I want but I know I won't get them because they're too expensive. lol Maybe Santa will read your blog.

  2. Those wings are awesome!! And I don't know--I would find a post like this tough to write. There are surely LOTS MORE than 5 things that I want, but how do you prioritize or group them together in one post? In other words, I'd likely just overthink it like everything else.

  3. I want the earrings and that shirt! It look so cozy! I'm not sure I want a uniform but I'll take that shirt in about 9 different colors.

  4. I like that top and your idea of black pants and a scarf would be great.
    How old is your Tristan? My Tristan is about to turn 27, he wants to go back on the Army.


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