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Friday, November 06, 2015

Five Christmas Ideas (for me, duh) on Friday

I hate when we decide to "go small this Christmas" cause that usually means "mom doesn't get anything good" so of course I'm finding All The Things.

1. This pretty pretty purse at Target.

2. This one is a close second.

3. By the time I convince myself to buy a $130 pair of shoes I don't need, these will be gone. (But I DO need trail shoes!) Ok, that is a seriously tiny picture. I hate it when websites won't let you link to the actual picture of the item. Click through, they are cool shoes.

4. Yes, another bracelet. I love the delicateness of this one.

5. I need a new winter coat, and I'd like to find something along these lines, but I hesitate about that collar.

What's on your Christmas list this year?


  1. Yeah, mom's usually get the short end at Christmas because they're doing all the work. I hope Santa sees your list.

  2. I am loving the Walk In Love tshirts. Specifically this one:

    I saw something on FB about the 4 gift challege:

    Something they want
    Something they need
    Something to wear
    Something to read

    If we did this then we would all get presents. My husband and I never buy gifts for each other.

  3. I have an Elfster I keep updated for my family. I LOVE that Target purse! Gorgeous!

  4. My husband is really good about spoiling me even after we agree we won't do much for each other. Of course, he's never done a thing for me for an Easter basket (the kids always thought it was weird that the bunny skipped me) and he hates getting things at Valentine's so he kind of owes me! I love that coat and that collar is great fun!

  5. I think the collar would look really cute on that coat. Would also wear well with a scarf.

    I get a new baby for Christmas. womp womp. So I'm not expecting much else. Except a new skillet from my mom. :) I started a Pinterest board to share with people who might ask me for gift ideas...but mostly it's just there for me to add pretty things to.


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