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Friday, February 26, 2016

Five things from this week.

1. I'd like to get around to shopping for my Five Things again, but work is crazy and home is crazier and what I'm telling you is that this week has been INSANE.

2. We decided to watch Survivor as a family. The kids love things with physical competition, and all of those shows where they abandon people somewhere with no supplies, and the adults enjoy a good bit of strategy. This season it divides them into three teams- Brawn, Beauty, and Brains. The boys immediately latched onto the Brawn team. Annnnd spoiler-- one of the Brawn team was voted off the first week. Noah was so invested in the show that he cried big angry tears. You can imagine how nervous we were to watch the second one! And while he did get upset a bit, he was able to get into watching the strategy turn things upside down, and didn't lose his mind.

3. I signed up for Influenster, and I totally bailed on my first box, so I was quite surprised that I was offered another chance. This time around I was sent a bag of Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food.  We got the beef and brown rice flavor. Ezio was very very interested in the box and what was in it and could he please have some? I tried to tell him it was for dogs, but he's not that bright.  I was quite impressed to see little bits of vegetables in the mix, and it really does look much less processed that Scout's regular Dog Chow.  I'd love to tell you how much more she enjoys it as well, but Scout likes to eat dirty socks, so it's really hard to judge what food tastes good to her. She did not use her snout to push it around the kitchen tho, so that probably says something. As for Ezio, he managed to chew through the box, and then through the bag to test it out. (Yes, there was an open bowl of it on the floor for Scout, I told you, he's not that bright.) Hard to say if he liked it or not, but apparently the smell is irresistible.  The appearance of the food makes me feel like I did something good for the dog (and Ez) so I'm going to recommend that you might give it a shot too. (For your pets, not you. They do make cat food as well.)

4. I recently opened the Trobo that I funded on Kickstarter last year for Lauren.  I was hesitant to talk too much about it, since it was created by a good friend of mine and I didn't want to be biased. I will mention a few things about though, since it is a great product. The little stories are a lot of fun, probably gears a little bit younger than Kindergarten, and while Lauren did enjoy it, she doesn't really want to go back to it again because she's read them all. The Trobo itself is ADORABLE tho. My only real complaint is that it's only for iOS and I hate to share my iPad with the kids. I want a Kindle App!

5. I'm looking forward to a hopefully productive weekend. We have a wall to finish and hopefully paint and I've love to knock out a couple half read books. Plus our house is a disaster and it might be nice to be able to use the flat surfaces again!  What are your weekend plans?


  1. I hope things settle down for you. I'm going to check out Influenster.

  2. I am going to have to look into that dog food... Hope your up-coming week is calmer!

  3. I love that the kiddos are so invested in Survivor. That sounds like something Greyson would do...all the way. Love these posts!

  4. That is funny that Noah got so into Survivor! Gotta teach 'em never to get too attached to those people! That Trobo character is so cute and what a great idea. If only I had some grand babies. These kids of mine need to get busy!


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