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Friday, May 27, 2016

Five Bits of Bookish Randonness on Friday

1. My library doesn't seem interested in the e-book of Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs, so I checked it out in paper. I haven't read a paper book in at least 2 years, maybe 3. And as I write this, Fire Touched still sits unread because it's just. so. awkward.

2. Instead, I keep reading Harry Potter. I finally convinced Tristan that it really was better than the movies and he can't stop reading. I foolishly agreed to read it along with him, and to be honest, I'm WAY behind.  He keeps saying things like "I'm at the Quidditch game where xyz happens!" and I'm all... uhhhh why is that funny or significant? I can't remember!

3. Noah is still reading furiously. I picked up some library books for our trip to Alabama, and a week before we left (as you read this we should be in the car!), he'd already read two of them. "Put your book down and eat!" "Put your book down and get out of my car!" "Put your book down to pee!" I really am turning into my mother.

4. All day at work I think about books (and running) and then I get home and scroll Instagram. Since the last IG update, however, it keeps crashing on me. I decided this was a sign that I should be reading.

5. Mike and I used to compete to see who would read more in a year. In the last few years, he's drifted into only reading articles on his phone and not actual books. He still reads, but it kills me that it's not a book, in paper OR e-form. However, he recently went to a conference and didn't have WiFi on the plane so he opened the Kindle app on his phone and found Walkable City by Jeff Speck on it. I bought it months ago at Janssen's recommendation and haven't gotten to it. He couldn't stop talking about how great it was. Guess I should read it now!


  1. More and more and more I'm reading ebooks rather than paper. I think it's mostly because I can read in the dark without having to use a book light. But so many unread paper books on my shelf! Such a dilemma.

    Hmmm--maybe you guys should have done the audio for Harry Potter in the car! ;)

  2. I LOVE that you're reading Harry Potter with your son and he's ahead of you! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Oh, good, Instagram crashing must be the app and not my phone. I always worry about that. I just restarted my phone after it crashed attempting to load a picture... I cannot entirely switch to e-books. Batteries die! And, it is a new Mercy book!


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